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Latest Posts from our Blog

  1. VIC: Common Property Leases and Licences – Legal Checklist

    This article about common property leases has been provided by Nicole Wilde, Tisher Liner FC Law. Statutory Power Owners Corporations in Victoria have the statutory power under section 14 of the Owners Corporations Act 2006 to lease or licence the whole, or part of the common property to a lot...
  2. NSW: What Can You Do When The Developer Retains Control Of Your Strata Building?

    This article about section 162 strata managers has been supplied by David Bannerman, Bannermans Lawyers Despite legislative restrictions on developers retaining control of new apartment buildings, developers are coming up with new ways to continue their control after completion. Some of the more elaborate strategies for retaining developer control include:...
  3. The Case for Electronic Voting

    This article about electronic voting has been provided by Dee Pannell from Strata Vote. Will electronic voting reduce owner apathy and reduce quorum issues? Would sidestepping the nuisances of attending meetings on days and at times that do not suit, eliminating mountains of paperwork, or the fact that some owners...
  4. Is Insurance Premium Gouging a Good Idea?

    This article about automatic increases in building sum insured and premium insurance goughing has been provided by David Leary from Leary & Partners. Inflated building replacement values cost lot owners thousands of dollars in excess premiums and can cost body corporate managers their contracts. The only protection against premium gouging...
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