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Latest Posts from our Strata Blog

amendment act 2014

NSW: Owners Corporation Update on Commencement Proclamation of the Home Building Amendment Act 2014

David Bannerman and Ben Robertson,
Bannermans Lawyers

On 10 December 2014, it was proclaimed that the Home Building Amendment Act 2014 (“the Amendment Act”) would commence in two stages, with:
This one deals with:

QLD: Body Corporate Governance issues – BCCM discussion paper issued

Frank Higginson,
Hynes Legal

And there we were thinking we had sent the last serious email blast for the year.
The government has issued the next Body Corporate and Community Management discussion paper for those who want some light reading over Christmas.
This one deals with:
home building amendment act 2014

NSW Media Alert (12/12/14) – Home Building Amendment Act 2014 Proclamation

Chris Kerin,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

The Home Building Regulation 2014 (2014 Regulation) and the Proclamation for the commencement of the Home Building Amendment Act 2014 (Amendment Act) have been made and will be published today.
Some provisions of the Amendment Act and the 2014 Regulation will commence on 15 January 2015 and the remai….Read more…..
apartment neighbours

Noise, nuisance, neighbours, the silly season and strata

Allison Benson,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

Although the decorations seem to go up earlier and earlier every year Monday 1st December officially marked the start of the silly season. Along with the holidays comes the fact that many of us take advantage of the silly season to go out more, come home later and have friends and family over more often. This and the stress of the season can cause neighbourly tensions to boil over in….Read more…..

NSW: When Do You Need Approval to Remove or Prune a Tree?

David Bannerman and Mark Pollinger,
Bannermans Lawyers

Tree preservation orders are in practice made by local councils as orders pursuant to powers under the Local Government Act 1993. There can be significant differences between tree preservation orders for specific councils and any proposal to remove or prune a tree should be considered in light of the requirements of the tr….Read more…..
special levies

Who Pays Special Levies: The Buyer or The Seller?

Lisa Rutland,

Special levies happen in body corporates more often than you might think, and, for some lot owners it’s “the final straw” and the reason they decide to sell. Does that mean any new owner automatically becomes responsible for paying those special levies?
As with most things in the body corporate industry, it depends. It will depend on:
Whether the special levy is already issued; and
How many sp….
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