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Latest Posts from our Blog

  1. VIC: Q&A Emergency exits from common property areas

    We received this question about emergency exits from common property areas asked by a lot owner in Victoria. Detailed information concerning this topic has been supplied by Layton Gale, Australian Essential Services Group. Question: I have a question about emergency exits from common property areas. I have a question about...
  2. NSW Property Law Update: New laws governing sunset clauses

    This article discussing new laws governing sunset clauses has been prepared by Bechara Shamieh (Group Managing Director), Ramy Qutami (Managing Director), Denis Hall (Partner), and Mark Yum (Senior Associate) of Madison Marcus Law Firm. Amid the growing concern over the rescinding of off-the-plan contracts to better protect purchasers against developers...
  3. SA: Q&A How do Strata Voting Rules Work via Email?

    We received this question about strata voting rules via email during the week from a lot owner in SA. Information concerning this topic has been supplied by Tyson D’Sylvia, Ace Body Corporate Management. Question: I am a member of a strata title and don’t understand the rules relating to “voting...
  4. Balustrades and Strata Liability

    This article about balustrades regulations and strata liability has been supplied and written by Chris Kerin, Kerin Benson Lawyers. The safety of a strata scheme’s premises for owners, occupiers and visitors should be one of the primary concerns of an owners corporation. If an owner, occupier or visitor is killed...
  5. Concrete Cancer Epidemic – Don’t bury your head in the Sand

    This article about concrete cancer in strata schemes has been supplied by Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Specialist. Following a report from in the Courier Mail early 2015 which suggested there was an epidemic of concrete cancer in older buildings. Strata Insurance Solutions wanted to provide unit owners with more insight...
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