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Latest Posts from our Strata Blog

Brookfield case

NSW: Building Defects Claim Update – High Court Hands Down Decision in Brookfield Case

David Bannerman and Ben Robertson,
Bannermans Lawyers

On 8 October 2014, the High Court in Brookfield Multiplex Ltd v Owners Corporation Strata Plan 61288 [2014] HCA 36 (“the Brookfield case”) found that a builder did not owe a duty of care to an owners corporation in a serviced apartment complex (not residenti…….Read more…..
Community gardens

Putting the ‘community’ into community title

Garth Noone,
Common Ground Property Services

The creative use of common areas in body corporate complexes can be one way to build a greater sense of community amongst residents.
Common Ground Property Services recently had the pleasure to be involved in replacing an ornamental garden bed with a herb garden at a body corporate property in Brisbane.
In additio …….
australian privacy principles

Privacy for Strata Managers – Three lessons from the Australian Information Commissioner

Allison Benson and Nicola Bailey,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

It is no secret that the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), found in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), impose restrictions on organisations and individuals, like strata managers, in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of personal inform…….Read more…..
window safety devices

NSW: Owners Corporation’s Duties Regarding Window Safety Devices / Barriers

Michael Pobi
Pobi Lawyers

We have received a number of enquiries lately in relation to the effect of the newly inserted section 64A of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (“SSMA”) (which came into effect on 11 December 2013 pursuant to the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Act 2013) in particula…….Read more…..
body corporate management

Strata Title or Body Corporate Management – What’s it about?

Leanne Habib
Premium Strata

What happens with a Strata Title building, or Strata Scheme once it has been established? What is required to effectively and efficiently manage a building? Who manages the building? How is strata title managed? In this article we will shed some light on Strata Title Management, also known as Strata Scheme Management, or Body Corporate Managemen…….Read more…..
reduce power consumption

Tips to help reduce the power consumption of your lift

James Demetrios
Urban Vertical

It is not uncommon for lifts to consume up to 15% of a buildings power usage, especially if the lift is 15+ years old. Traditional electric traction lifts and hydraulic lifts, although innovative at the time, were not designed with minimising power consumption in mind. These products designed and installed from the 1960′s to early 1990′s were at a tim…….Read more…..
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