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Latest Posts from our Strata Blog

reduce power consumption

Tips to help reduce the power consumption of your lift

James Demetrios
Urban Vertical

It is not uncommon for lifts to consume up to 15% of a buildings power usage, especially if the lift is 15+ years old. Traditional electric traction lifts and hydraulic lifts, although innovative at the time, were not designed with minimising power consumption in mind. These products designed and installed from the 1960′s to early 1990′s were at a tim…….Read more…..
Strata management software

Make your software work for you

Aylie Brutman

Using software every day has become a habit that most people don’t think about. We don’t think twice about powering up our computers, logging into multiple software applications and going about our regular tasks. At the end of each month when the invoice arrives, most people probably don’t think about that either; you’ve used the software during the month so you’ve gained valu…….Read more…..
strata management agency agreement

NSW: Strata Management Agency Agreements – How Much Liability Do Strata Managers Have?

David Bannerman and Mark Pollinger
Bannermans Lawyers

Strata managing agents provide a broad range of services to their owners corporation clients, ranging from accounting and other administration to property repairs and maintenance. This frequently necessitates involve…….Read more…..
strata search

QLD: How Do You Do A Strata Search And Can I Do It Myself?

Lisa Rutland

Strata searching is not rocket science. Actually it’s not any sort of science. Doing a strata search is about reading, and anyone can do it.
When I learnt strata searching a very knowledgeable lady took me out into the field and walked me through the process. She then spent the next month sitting in the corner waiting for me to ask a question whilst I go…….Read more…..
city apartments

Lofty ideas in city apartments

Jean-Paul Pelosi

The thought of living in a space that once housed photocopiers and stationery cupboards isn’t all that inspiring. Not like moving into an apartment that was, say, used in a George Clooney heist movie, or a house designed by a famous architect.
But there are apparently a number of old office and industrial buildings around the country, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, which have been remodelled into nice loo……Read more…..
Section 62

NSW: Is Sufficient Compliance With Section 62 Good Enough?

Michael Pobi
Pobi Lawyers

There appears to be a body of supporters who take the view that Strata Schemes Adjudicators will usually decline to make orders under sections 138 and 62 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (“SSMA”) in favour of lot owners against owners corporations for breach of section 62 of the SSMA in circumstances where the own……Read more…..
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