Nina Cannell, Signature Strata

There are very few Canberra Strata Managers who can boast 20+ years of professional and practical experience, with the level of knowledge and insight that Nina Cannell provides to local Practitioners, Executive Committees and Strata Communities. Nina has been devoted to educating strata communities and mentoring generations of Strata Managers over the period she has dedicated to the strata industry. Being acutely motivated, she is perpetually focused on ensuring consistency in industry behaviours, perfecting service deliverables and developing an in-depth understanding of governance and legislative requirements in all who are interested in such a specialised sector of the property Industry. Nina is well-respected, committed to best-practice and passionate about growing our industry reputation both within the ACT and Nationally. Nina is a regular contributor to LookUpStrata. You can take a look at Nina’s articles here .