Karina Heinz, Progressive Strata Services

Karina is extremely passionate about strata and has 30 years of experience in the industry. During this time she has acquired an in- depth knowledge of strata law and become an active member of various industry associations. In 1999, Karina founded her own company, Progressive Strata Services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with a vision to be highly regarded by both client and industry peers in terms of their professionalism, integrity and unique service offerings. Karina strives to keep abreast of recent court decisions relevant to the industry and to share these with her owners via a quarterly newsletter which is also uploaded to their website. She has experience in strata title, BMC’s and undertaken several S237 managements (compulsory appointments for dysfunction schemes by Fair Trading). Karina is currently on the Strata Managers Committee for SCA (NSW) – for the 2nd year running - and a previous committee member of the Professional Standards Committee. She is also on the Education Committee for SCA and one of 5 on the newly formed Steering Committee of Women in Strata (NSW), which provides a mentoring program and other support to young women in our industry. Karina has recently been engaged by the Leverage Group as an industry specialist, to provide lecturing services to strata managers who are undertaking the licensing course.  She was a guest speaker on ABC radio in December 2016 discussing the changes to the strata schemes legislation at that time. She was also on the panel of experts at SCA conferences two years running to answer questions from Owners from the floor of the industry conference. Karina's LinkedIn Profile.