ESM Strata

ESM is WA’s largest and most experienced Strata Management Company since 1986. Our Leadership Team includes Jake Kneebone, one of WA’s leading experts in the strata community, who has been actively involved in the industry for more than 35 years. The team at Exclusive Strata Management are a collaboration of dedicated professionals whose knowledge ensures each strata company has ready access to advice and resources. Every team member at ESM is offered a pathway to further their own education and everyone takes part in education and training delivered by external consultants as well as in-house specialists. We are aligned with Strata Community Australia (WA), who are the peak industry body for employees and strata management companies. We partner with strata companies to guarantee the smooth and effective running of their schemes, by creating alignment and trust between ourselves and the councillors and owners we support. ESM is committed to empowering our customers, suppliers and staff with knowledge about strata so they can navigate the Act and Regulations with confidence, and positive change can be made. We also bring you the latest and most relevant information via our online Knowledgebase for all things strata, which is available via our website.