David Lin, Strata Management Consultants

David has been working in strata for the past 9 years and in January 2014, founded Strata Management Consultants to help Committees to navigate the strata management landscape. With over 1,300 registered body corporate managers in Victoria, David’s company not only helps Committees with the complexities of changing companies but appointing a new company who is professional and honest. David holds Bachelor of Electronic Commerce from the University of Queensland, a MBA for Business Leaders from the Converge/Sydney Business School, and certificates in Mandarin Levels 1-2 from the University of NSW. "The experience of 5-year and 10-year terms - and even when they're 3 years - that automatically roll, is pretty unusual." The Age newspaper. October 14, 2014 https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/state-strata-laws-updated-20141014-11626n.html