Shane White, Strata Title Consult

Previous experience has been gained whilst I was employed at Landgate for 35 years formerly the old Titles Office. During that period, I was primarily involved with the examination of registration documents, appointed as an Assistant Registrar of Titles, took a keen interest in the Strata Titles Act. I was involved in various committees when the last changes to the Strata Titles Act were enacted in 1995 and 1996. After leaving Landgate in 2013 I started working for myself as a Strata Consultant at Strata Title Consult Pty Ltd, providing services relating to the interpretation of strata plans and by-laws, re-subdivisions, mergers and conversions, attending strata meetings and provided assistance in other strata matters. Recently events have seen me complete an appointment as an Administrator of a strata scheme which started out as a 12 month appointment and was extended for an additional six months. Shane's LinkedIn Profile. Shane is a regular contributor to LookUpStrata. You can take a look at Shane’s articles here .