Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

Hi! I'm Paul and I'm the Managing Director for Uplink Networks. My main area of expertise is optic fibre networks, where I’ve got over 20 years’ experience as a market leading fibre optic expert. In the late 1990’s I pioneered the first specialist fibre splicing and testing firm in Sydney. We had a proven history of delivering complex projects under exacting conditions in an industry where excellence in fibre optics is not guaranteed. I love delivering projects that others couldn’t or didn’t care enough about to prioritize. I’ve had plenty of joy delivering on this promise. With the roll out of the NBN (with all its’ inherent faults), today is the time to get the technology mix right, and with 20+ years in fibre, I’m excited to be able to deliver results. The 2 major benefits to your strata community of installing a fibre network will be that finally you’ll get the speeds you need to live, work and communicate in the 21st Century and the increase in value that this will bring to your property. It’s a ‘win’ for everyone. Paul Fleming Director Optical Terminations