Joel Chamberlain, Horizon Strata

Joel is the Director of Strata Operations at Horizon Strata, based in Melbourne. His focus on building strong client relationships and transparent business operation has provided success over a number of years. Operating as an Owners Corporation Manager for the last 7 years, he has managed a vast range of properties, from small townhouse subdivisions to large high-rise buildings in the CBD and surrounding areas. More recently, Joel completed 2 years management of a 12,000-lot business for one of Australia’s largest Strata Management companies. His experience includes management of large land estates in Melbourne, including a pool and gym facility that services over 1000 apartments. Joel has also assisted on a number of new buildings for developers through to completion and recently completed a term as an Administrator appointed by VCAT. Joel is a regular contributor to LookUpStrata. You can take a look at Joel’s articles here .