Brian Rulyancich, StrataTAC

With over 40 years in the Real Estate industry and 30 years’ experience in Strata, and with the introduction of major reforms in the Strata Titles Act, Brian has developed Strata Training and Consulting known as STRATATAC. Brian is a highly experienced and knowledgeable strata consultant, a qualified trainer, creator of new CPD strata training programs and has advanced knowledge of the Strata Titles Act (1985), the Amendments Act 2018 and the Community Titles Act 2018. ​Brian sold his strata management business STRATACAM in July 2018 to concentrate on consulting to managers, developers and owners. ​He is an advocate for strata and has specialised in ONLY strata for a number of years. His knowledge and expertise is sought after by real estate agents and strata managers from all metropolitan and regional Western Australia. Contact Brian on 0428 970 067 or at [email protected]