Steve Wiebe

Steve is a highly regarded Senior Strata Manager, with over 13 years’ experience within the Strata Industry. Steve has a wealth of knowledge of Strata, across the ACT, NSW and Victoria. Steve has spent considerable time managing complexes throughout these states, having worked in Melbourne for a number of years, managing properties across NSW and Victoria. Steve has spent 8 years working as a Team Leader and Senior Strata Manager within the ACT. During his time, Steve has served as the Treasurer for the Strata Communities Australia (ACT) Branch, and is also a nationally recognised and accredited trainer of the A100 ‘Introduction to Strata’ course for the SCA. Steve has a strong focus on developing a good rapport and strong relationships with clients, in order to ensure their needs are being met. Steve also believes in ensuring all Managers are trained to ensure a fantastic customer experience, and are providing the correct advice to their clients. Steve is a regular contributor to LookUpStrata. You can take a look at Steve’s articles here .