Julie Grove, StrataVault

Julie Grove’s rich experience in the property development industry has seen her work as a developer, an owner and a strata manager, in Australia and also doing to stints in England, Hong Kong and Dubai, where she learned that no matter what the market, everyone in a property value chain needs to have transparent and secure information to make the informed decisions throughout a property's lifecycle. Through her career, she noticed fundamental problems for each stakeholder - silos of information and data that were inadequately communicated, creating barriers for decision making, trouble-shooting and maintenance. This led Julie to design a disruptive solution to prove an effective, efficient and accountable solution - StrataVault is a cloud-based platform that's revolutionised the strata industry by allowing all stakeholders to secure and share information more efficiently. Julie’s life goal is to make a lasting and positive contribution to the property industry, providing the industry with a solution that unlocks information silos and brings people along the value chain together, giving access to the right people at the right time. Julie's LinkedIn Profile.