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Latest Articles

Strata Dispute Resolution

NSW Strata Dispute Resolution: When the OC Breaches NCAT Orders

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: During the strata dispute resolution process, if an Owners Corporation breaches court orders, what recourse does the owner have?

QLD: Q&A Can Chairman Hold Multiple Positions on the Executive Committee?

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal 
Question: What is the lawful status of the chairman holding multiple positions on the executive committee? At our Residential community scheme the Chairperson has claimed the roles of both Chair AND Secretary.
Property Audit & Assurance

WA: Q&A Strata Neighbour Noise Due to Hard Flooring

Jordan Dinga, Abode Strata

Question: We have an issue with noise from the neighbours in the unit above. They have hard flooring installed. Everyday movements can be heard eg, talking, television, music…..
NSW Visitor Parking Spaces

NSW: Q&A Adequate ByLaw to Combat Abuse of Visitor Parking Spaces

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: We have a general By-law stating residents must not park on common property without written approval. Is this sufficient or should we specifically refer to visitor parking spaces?
Blackburne Strata Management
NSW Government Announces Building and Construction Plans

NSW Government Announces Building and Construction Plans

Warwick van Ede, JS Mueller & Co
The NSW Government has announced plans to make new laws to impose a duty of care on builders to enable owners corporations of commercial and mixed-use buildings to take action against builders for defects.
Solar on Strata [Whitepaper]

Solar on Strata [Whitepaper]: Strata Energy News

Brent Clark, Wattblock
Apartment blocks or strata schemes have not yet embraced the solar revolution.
It is estimated that less than 0.5% of residential strata schemes have solar panels, nationwide.

PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Last Edition's Star Articles

NSW: Resident Safety and Dealing with a Violent Visitor in Strata

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

QLD: Q&A Boundary Fence Does Not Reflect Plan, Title or ByLaws

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal 

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Big News

ACT Defects

ACT: Elara apartment owners lose Federal Court compensation bid
Kate Midena, ABC News

A group of Canberra apartment owners facing $19 million in repairs for shoddy building work has been dealt another blow, losing a Federal Court bid to claim compensation. "The cost of rectifying the defects is ... only slightly less than the cost of the initial project."
Growth of strata management industry

Apartment boom drives growth of strata management industry

Sue Green, The Sydney Morning Herald
Strata Management: such a rapidly growing occupation that strata management companies struggle to find enough staff. The increase in apartment building means strata managers will never be out of a job.

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State: Queensland
Location: Cairns
Role / Position: Strata Manager
Email: [email protected]

Recent Comments

QLD: Are there any templates or examples of ‘On-site’ manager contracts, stating exactly what the duties of a building manager are?
QLD: Tenants above continually throw their cigarette butts over the balcony onto the common grassed property area almost predominantly used by the ground floor unit. I am forever picking up old butts before the grand children come over to stay n play. Is this fair or legal?

Breaking News

Hundreds of Australian homes covered in combustible cladding but few residents can afford to fix them

Danger zone: Aussie suburbs most at risk of off-the-plan settlement problems

How to buy the best apartment in the block in a new development

NSW: REMINDER: NSW Cladding Registration Deadline Looming

NSW government to appoint Building Commissioner following industry reform report

Strata offices have morphed into must-have real estate

Drawbridge mentality of older residents unfair to young flat dwellers

Sydney housing estate to get contamination test after three-year delay

Strata loophole leaves owners vulnerable even when NCAT is supposed to be on their side

VIC: VBA misinforming apartment buyers about cladding

Some Neo 200 residents told to expect year-long wait before they return


Dozens evacuated in Docklands apartment fire


Smoke alarm order with no sign of fix to Melbourne's cladding crisis


ACT: ACT govt admits building rules failed to prevent 'non-compliance'

WA: The city that never was: Perth's post-boom abandoned high rise plans revealed

What is the difference between built strata and survey strata?


What’s in a title?


Space, trees, light: New design codes set bar high for Perth apartments



Upcoming Events

New South Wales

UNSW Continuing Legal Education (CLE): Property law update: Sunset clauses; share economy; strata plans Sydney: 21 Feb, 8:30 am – 12:45 pm

Seniors Rights Service: Strata Living in Mandarin Hurstville: 22 Feb, 12 – 2 pm

SCA NSW: Sailing Day Darling Point: 22 Feb, 12 pm onwards

Our Energy Future: Saving energy in your apartment - Northern Beaches Council Warriewood: 19 Mar, 6:30 – 8 pm


Fire Safety & Cladding Summit Gold Coast: 26 - 27 Feb

BCCM: Enforcing body corporate by-laws Webinar: 27 Feb, 2 pm

NABERS: Energy & Water for Apartment Buildings Brisbane: 6 Mar

SCA (QLD): 2019 Conference - I ❤️Strata Gold Coast: 13 - 15 Mar

SCA (QLD): Committee Training Spring Hill: 29 Mar

Upcoming Events


Nightingale Housing: Nightingale 1 private tour Brunswick: 21 Feb, 2 – 3 pm

Nightingale Housing: Nightingale 1 private tour Brunswick: 28 Feb, 2 – 3 pm

NABERS: Energy & Water for Apartment Buildings Melbourne: 12 Mar

Western Australia

SCA WA: Strata Management Practice Standard (SPS) - Workshop One Subiaco East: 27 Feb, 8:30 am – 12 pm

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