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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NSW: Paying for Contractors

NSW Q: Who is responsible for contractor's added costs when site access is deliberately limited?

Andrew Terrell, Bright & Duggan
QLD Paying For Facilities You Don't Use

QLD Q: I don’t use some facilities so why should I have to pay for maintaining them?

Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
Strata Insurance Solutions
WA What Do Strata Levies Cover?

WA Q: Our Council of owners have increased our strata fees mid-way through a quarter and have charged the fees for the whole quarter. Should they have not charged pro-rata?

Brian Rulyancich, StrataTAC
VIC Stairwells and Fire Safety

VIC Q: What is the policy in relation to fire safety and stairwell doors onto common areas such as the car park?

Joel Chamberlain
Horizon Strata Management Group &
Chris Chatham, Linkfire
Westside Fire Services
NSW Husband & Wife

NSW Q: Can a husband and wife both hold positions on a strata committee?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
QLD Sinking Fund In Term Deposit

QLD Q: Can the sinking fund be placed into a term deposit without our permission?

Tammy Lynch, Tower Body Corporate
Tower Body Corporate

Last Edition's Star Articles

NSW External Painting

NSW Q: At no cost to the owners corporation, we’d like to paint an unpainted common area exterior wall. How can we get this action sanctioned and take advantage of this improvement?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
QLD Visitors Vandalise the Common Property

QLD Q: A lot owner's visitors vandalise the common property pool by 'pooing' in the garden. What recourse does Committee have?

Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

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