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WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]

Part 1: 2 pm, 6 August 
Join us and learn about the key changes. This free webinar will outline key information and delve further into certain areas of the Act that affect those within strata. Whether you’re a Lot Owner, Strata Manager or Service Provider this webinar is for you!
For this session, we will be joined by Rochelle Castro of RC & CO Lawyers.
Find out more and register here
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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NSW Proxies, Voting & Quorum

NSW: Q&A Proxies, Voting & Quorum Requirements for the AGM
Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata

Question: As a special resolution is carried if "not more than 25% of the value of the votes cast are against the resolution", can I confirm that "not more than 25% against" is different from "75% or more in favour"?
QLD Public Liability Insurance

QLD: What does Public Liability Insurance Include for Strata Property?
Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions

Question: In QLD, what is the body corporate’s liability in the event of an injury or accident as a result of repairs not done on common property, particularly when they are aware of the issues?
Strata Insurance Solutions
WA What strata insurance do I need?

WA: Q&A What strata insurance do I need?

Leonie Milonas,
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Question: I've heard there is only one company in WA that will insure Survey Strata groups of units? Is this correct?
VIC Approval for Renovations

VIC: Q&A Approval for Renovations / Changing Appearance of the Lot
Jane Giacobbe,
Strata Reports Victoria & NSW

Question: Do I need approval from the Owners Corporation to erect a semi permanent partition inside my 1 bedroom open plan apartment and create an extra bedroom?
Tower Body Corporate
QLD Body Corporate Voting Rules

QLD: Q&A Body Corporate Voting Rules - What You Can and Can't Do
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Question: If a lot owner has an enduring power of attorney for an elderly parent that is also a lot owner in our complex, does that entitle them to have 2 votes in the case for voting for Body Corporate Management rights, given you can't vote for this motion via proxy?
NSW Apartment fire regulations

NSW: Q&A Apartment fire regulations - Fire Doors, Screen Doors, Access
Vincent Graham,
Project Guides

Question: Our 60 year old building is under a fire order. The upgrade requirements appear to comply with a standard for a new building. Does the Fire & Safety Legislation take a more common sense approach to safety in older buildings?

Last Edition's Star Articles

WA When buying strata, what do I own?

WA: Q&A When buying strata, what do I own?
Shane White,
Strata Title Consult

NSW Strata Manager Insurance Commissions

NSW: Q&A Strata Manager Insurance Commissions
Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions

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Big Boys Construction Group P/L – BBC GROUP
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McIntosh Electrical Pty Ltd
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NSW: Have Your Say

Have your say on barriers to installing sustainability infrastructure for apartments, townhouses and villas in NSW
The City of Sydney invites you to participate in an online survey to share your views and experiences about installing sustainability infrastructure in your building.
By ‘sustainability infrastructure’, we mean solar panels, batteries, smart meters, efficient hot water systems, electric vehicle charging stations and other emerging energy innovations (such as energy management services).
The survey takes 10-15 minutes and will assist the NSW Government to better understand the best ways to remove barriers for owners, tenants and owners corporations wanting to install sustainability infrastructure.
Survey closing 11.59 pm, Sun 9 August. Find out more via this flyer.
By completing it you will be entered into a prize draw for an iPad Air 64GB valued at $779, to be held on the 17th August 2020.

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Western Australia

SCA: Social Sundowner 
14 Aug, 3:30 - 6:30 pm

: Compliance Series 1: All Things Water 
27 Aug, 2 - 5 pm

Upcoming Events:

Western Australia

LookUpStrata: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
Part 1: 6 Aug, 2 pm

: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
Part 2: 13 Aug, 2 pm

: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
Part 3: 20 Aug, 2 pm
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