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WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]

Standby for more information.
To have advance notice of the session dates, register your interest here. We should have more information really soon. If you registered for our Cancelled Session at the Town Hall earlier this year, you are already on our list.
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QLD Auditing the Body Corporate Accounts

QLD: Q&A Auditing the Body Corporate Accounts
Tammy Lynch,
Tower Body Corporate

Question: Are we required to have an audit of our body corporate accounts carried out? If so, how often and who should conduct the audit?
NSW Strata Manager Insurance Commissions

NSW: Q&A Strata Manager Insurance Commissions
Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions

Question: Is it compulsory to pay our strata manager commission as per the strata managing agency agreement or can insurance commission be excluded from the Agreement on renewal?
Property Audit & Assurance
WA When buying strata, what do I own?

WA: Q&A When buying strata, what do I own?
Shane White, Strata Title Consult

Question: When buying strata, what am I buying? Do I only own the inside of the unit? What will be my responsibility to repair or replace?
SA  How can I gain approval to renovate my lot?

SA: Q&A How can I gain approval to renovate my lot?
Tony Johnson,

Question: To gain permission to erect an external fixture on my apartment, does a General Meeting need to be convened?
Westside Fire Services
QLD Approving Electronic Voting at an EGM?

QLD: Q&A Do We Need to Approve Electronic Voting at an EGM?
Todd Garsden,

Question: Before proceeding to engage in electronic voting, does the body corporate need to call an EGM to approve electronic voting?
NSW Smoke Alarms in Strata Units

NSW: Q&A Smoke Alarms in Strata Units
Chris Chatham, Linkfire

Question: We have been told we need to install extra smoke alarms and all alarms must be hard-wired. Can a local council impose stricter requirements for smoke alarms in strata than the NSW Fire Legislation?
Express Glass

Last Edition's Star Articles

WA Access to Council of Owners Info
QLD Lot Entitlement Rules

QLD: Q&A Lot Entitlement Rules
Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

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Western Australia

SCA: Social Sundowner 
14 Aug, 3:30 - 6:30 pm

: Compliance Series 1: All Things Water 
27 Aug, 2 - 5 pm

: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
Standby for more information. Register your interest here
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