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WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]

Standby for more information.
To have advance notice of the session dates, register your interest here. We should have more information really soon. If you registered for our Cancelled Session at the Town Hall earlier this year, you are already on our list.
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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NSW Strata Management Quotes

NSW: Q&A Strata Management Quotes and Appointments
Rod Smith, The Strata Collective

We had issues with the link for this article last newsletter, so we have included it in today's edition.  Apologies for any inconvenience!
QLD Lot Entitlement Rules

QLD: Q&A Lot Entitlement Rules
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Question: We need extensive repairs to the car park. As we all own equal shares of this area ie one car space plus common property, why should we pay based on lot entitlement rules?
Cameron Facilities
WA Access to Council of Owners

WA: Q&A Access to Council of Owners / Strata Information
Brian Rulyancich,

Question: I am a lot owner. I've requested the strata manager provide me with the contact details of the Council of Owner members. They have refused. Am I have entitled to access this information?
NSW Apartment fire regulations

NSW: Q&A Apartment fire regulations – Fire Doors, Screen Doors, Access
Peter Berney, Solutions in Engineering

Question: A chain lock has been on my entry door since I bought the unit 12 years ago. The fire company says that this is apartment fire regulations and my door has to be replaced. Is this true?
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
QLD Cars on Common Property

QLD: Q&A Body Corporate Rules for Cars on Common Property

Hayley Gath,
Mathews Hunt Legal

Question: My car was parked in visitor parking because access to my property was blocked due to tree cutting. Someone backed into my car. Is the body corporate responsible?

NSW: Can an Owners Corporation Repeal a Common Property Rights By-law Without Obtaining the Lot Owner’s Written Consent?
Michael Pobi, Pobi Lawyers

Does the owners corporation have the right to repeal a common property rights by-law granting exclusive use or special privileges over common property to a lot owner without obtaining the written consent of that owner?
Express Glass

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VIC Short Term Letting
QLD Closure of Strata Showers

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: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
Standby for more information. Register your interest here
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