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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NSW Serious Building Defect

NSW: Q&A Remediation of Serious Building Defect
Chris Kerin,  Kerin Benson Lawyers

Question: Who is responsible for paying for the remediation of a Serious building defect in an older building that was developed and remodelled by a single owner/developer and then converted to 4 separate strata lots?
QLD AGMs, Motions

QLD: Q&A AGMs, Motions in Strata and the Obligation to Act 
Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

Question: There are three decisions being made under one Motion. Is this an approved method of voting or should there be three Motions?
Property Audit & Assurance
VIC Cash Flow Crisis

VIC: Q&A Surviving a Cash Flow Crisis [Step-By-Step]
Joel Chamberlain,
Horizon Strata Management Group

Question: I find that often people who are short of funds join the owners corporations committee for the sole purpose of stopping or delaying maintenance. Is there a way to deal with this tactic?
SA How to Conduct a Meeting

SA: Q&A Rules on How to Conduct a Meeting
Tony Johnson,

Question: As AGM minutes only need to be accepted at the next general meeting, how do you ensure accuracy 12 months after the event?
Westside Fire Services
NSW Proxy Votes & Quorums

NSW: Q&A Proxy Votes & Quorum Requirements for Annual General Meeting
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: Do the changes in the Strata Schemes Management Act limiting the number of proxy votes an individual may hold also apply under the Community Land Management Act?
QLD Levy Increases

QLD: Q&A Levy Increases – As Lot Owners, Can We Refuse? 
Todd Garsden,

Question: Our levies have been increased substantially to cover a deficit from a few years ago. Can the body corporate increase the levies by a large amount?
McCormacks Strata Management

Last Edition's Star Articles

Can a Common Property Asset be Repurposed?
Why Are Strata Levies So High?

NSW: Q&A Why Are Strata Levies So High? 
Rod Smith, The Strata Collective

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