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QLD: **TODAY** Q&A Smoking in Strata LIVE Facebook Event with Hynes Legal

Smoking in strata: it’s one of the most intensely disputed topics we see in bodies corporate. But do you REALLY know what the situation is regarding smoking and what owners, tenants and committees can – and can’t do – about smoking and smoke drift?
Join Frank and Chris TODAY at 2 pm AEST in conjunction with LookUpStrata as they try to help you through the maze of smoking in strata.
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WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]

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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

Can a Common Property Asset be Repurposed?

QLD: Q&A Can a Common Property Asset be Repurposed?
Todd Garsden, Mahoneys

Question: What legal capacity is there for a common property asset (a tennis court) to be re-purposed by a limited number of unit owners?
Why Are Strata Levies So High?

NSW: Q&A Why Are Strata Levies So High? 
Rod Smith, The Strata Collective

Question: How can strata levies be over $1,000 per quarter when there is no elevator, gymnasium, swimming pool or children's playground?
Savil Group

VIC: Owners Corporation Insurance Requirements Victoria
Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions

Question: With renewal of strata insurance, is there a duty of disclosure for all lot owners to advise the insurance company of anything which may have become known and may affect the insurance cover?
Who sets the agenda, Explanatory notes [PLUS a Sample Motion]

NSW: Q&A Who sets the agenda, Explanatory notes [PLUS a Sample Motion]
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: Is a member of an Executive Committee eligible to vote on a motion they put forward? I understand the Committee members have a responsibility to make decisions on behalf of all lot owners, not for personal gain.
Cameron Facilities
Body Corporate Voting Rules - What You Can and Can't Do

QLD: Q&A Body Corporate Voting Rules - What You Can and Can't Do
Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

Question: Would matters such as is the papers signed, or the Lot number indicated potentially affect the validity of the votes?
Energy Solutions For Strata Complexes

NAT: Energy Solutions For Strata Complexes 
Niamh Kennedy, HFM Asset Management

When we speak to Strata Managers or Council of Owners the general feeling is that there is uncertainty as to what can be done to reduce or safeguard future energy costs. 
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
Ask us anything strata insurance

What happened in our NAT: Ask Us Anything (Strata Insurance) Session?

On Wed 8 Jul, I was joined by Tyrone Shandiman from Strata Insurance Solutions in our Ask Us Anything (Strata Insurance) Q&A session. Tyrone provided detailed and interesting responses to strata insurance questions from our national audience. Here are just some of the topics we covered:
  • Insurance valuations and how often should these be done?
  • Insurance and fire compliance
  • What happens when a duplex owner won't contribute to the insurance?
  • Dealing with Trip Hazards
  • Are we required to have workers compensation?
  • Marina Insurance
  • Insurance situation in FNQ and what can you do?
  • ..... and much more! WATCH NOW

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10 July, 2 pm AEST
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: WA Reform Education Sessions [Webinars]
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