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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

The Power to Borrow Money

NSW Q&A Section 100: The Power to Borrow Money
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: At our next EGM we will be voting on whether to take out a Strata Loan to cover remedial works. What procedure is required for acceptance of this Motion? 
Duties of a Building Manager

QLD: Q&A Duties of a Building Manager
Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal

Question: Our Caretaker lives two States away and has not been on site for the past eight months. What are the legal obligations for the Caretaker to be onsite?
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
Is there a Code of Behaviour for Difficult Lot Owners?

ACT: Q&A Is there a Code of Behaviour for Difficult Lot Owners?
Jan Browne, Bridge Strata

Question: Our complex has a very abusive and difficult owner. Can we introduce a motion for owners to vote on a Rule with a code of conduct for corresponding with the Committee?
Duties of a Strata Company - Refurbish, Renew or Upgrade

WA: Duties of a Strata Company - Refurbish, Renew or Upgrade
Shane White, Strata Title Consult

A new addition to the Act now permits a strata scheme in WA to “refurbish, renew or upgrade” its facilities allowing for modern upgrades to older buildings including cost saving improvements such as solar panels.
Tower Body Corporate
Fire Doors, Screen Doors, Access

NSW: Q&A Apartment fire regulations - Fire Doors, Screen Doors, Access
Chris Chatham, Linkfire

Question: Our Strata committee is considering a request to decorate the apartment building entry foyer. Are there any specific fire regulations or restrictions we may need to be aware of before proceeding?
Who is Responsible for Maintenance of My Apartment Balcony?

QLD: Q&A Who is Responsible for Maintenance of My Apartment Balcony?
Hayley Gath, Mathews Hunt Legal

Question: Our Body Corporate fees of $30,000 plus have been used for the replacement of two private Lot balconies. No quotes, no approvals! Where do we stand when our funds are used within private Lots and not common property?
Forte Asset Services

NSW Building Commissioner Insights: Building Defects

David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner in conversation with Karen Stiles, OCN 
#Davidsgotthis WATCH NOW

Last Edition's Star Articles

NSW: Q&A Can We Sue over $2mill Major Rectification Work
Christopher Kerin,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

Requirements for Body Corporate Committee Members

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HFM Asset Management


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