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to answer all of your NSW Strata questions.
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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NAT: Your Balcony, Balustrades and Strata Liability
Chris Kerin, Kerin Benson Lawyers

Question: We live in a 1980s NSW block of townhouses. Children reside in or visit some of these units and we are updating those balconies to be complaint with current BCA regulations. Should we be updating all balconies, even those in units not visited by children?
Who sets the agenda

NSW: Q&A Who sets the agenda, Explanatory notes [PLUS a Sample Motion]
Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata

Question: Does the Strata Manager circulate an EGM notice and voting papers without consulting with the Committee, or is the SC meant to vote on what is included in the EGM agenda?
Property Audit & Assurance
AGMs, Motions in Strata and the Obligation to Act

QLD: Q&A AGMs, Motions in Strata and the Obligation to Act
Frank Higginson + Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

Question: Should a Chairperson forewarn the submitter that a motion is likely to be ruled out of order? This could save time and also allow the opportunity to amend the motion.
Access to Council of Owners Financials and Meeting Minutes

WA: Q&A Access to Council of Owners Financials and Meeting Minutes
Brian Rulyancich, StrataTAC

Question: I'm no longer on the COO and no longer receive monthly Interim Financial reports. Should I be receiving this correspondence regardless of whether I am on the COO or as a lot owner?
Tower Body Corporate

QLD: COVID-19 Emergency Response Measures for Financial Management of Bodies Corporate 
QIA Group

The purpose of the amendment is to provide measures to alleviate the financial burden caused by COVID-19 on bodies corporate and their Owners. But is the solution worse than the problem?
How Much Noise is Too Much?

NSW: How Much Noise is Too Much?

Kerin Benson Lawyers

A recent Appeal Panel considered the provisions of by-law 14 requiring all floor spaces except kitchens, laundries, toilets and bathrooms to be treated to prevent transmission of noise.
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Last Edition's Star Articles

Your Solution to Sluggish Strata Internet Speeds

NAT: Your Solution to Sluggish Strata Internet Speeds
Paul Fleming, Optical Terminations

Enforcing By-laws by Issuing Notices to Comply

NSW: Q&A Enforcing By-laws by Issuing Notices to Comply
Karina Heinz, Progressive Strata Services

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NAT: Priorities for a post pandemic landlord-renter relationship in Australia
RMIT Invites you to participate in the research project ‘Priorities for a post pandemic landlord-renter relationship in Australia.’ We are interested in learning more about scale of the problems caused by Covid-19 for landlords and tenants. The results could help shape government action by providing research evidence into how to further assist the landlord-renter relationship. You can find out more via this FactSheet. You have until 12 July to complete the survey.
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