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This general discussion group is for all things strata! Our aim is to bring together owners within a strata scheme, whether you're on the committees, self managed or just want to know more about strata. All are welcome.

What do owner think about fire pits and BBQs on balconies? How is everyone going with electronic meetings? See what other lot owners have experienced and let us know your thoughts, too. See you there!

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NSW Visitor Parking

NSW: Q&A How Do We Stop the Abuse of Visitor Parking Spaces?
Karina Heinz,
Progressive Strata Services

Question: Who has the authority to put a No Parking At Any Time sign in a strata complex? Can it be put up by a resident to stop visitor parking.
Noise In The Time Of COVID - Your Step by Step Guide

QLD: Noise In The Time Of COVID - Your Step by Step Guide
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Noise issues are likely to be enhanced even more during the COVID pandemic, where there are more people at the building than usual because they’re working from home, self-isolating or vulnerable.
Blackburne Strata Management
Q&A Common Property Defects and Reimbursement for Repairs

NSW: Q&A Common Property Defects and Reimbursement for Repairs
Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata

Question: We discovered a leak in the ceiling of our newly renovated bathroom. Strata will fix but will cover the repair hole with a vent. We'd like it returned to the condition it was in prior to the leak.
What insurance do I need for a strata property?

WA: Q&A Should I get comparable quotes for our strata insurance?
Leonie Milonas, PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Question: We have been with the same strata insurance company for 10 years. As a lot owner, do I need approval from the other 3 owners to call insurance companies and gather some comparable quote?
Optical Terminations
Government Helps the Strata Industry

NSW: Further COVID-19 Laws - Government Helps the Strata Industry
Adrian Mueller, JS Mueller & Co Lawyers

A welcome relief. On 14 May 2020, new laws were made to enable new regulations to be created to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the strata industry. Find out what the changes mean for you and your committee.
COVID-19 Frequently asked questions - Office of the BCCM

QLD: UPDATE! COVID-19 Frequently asked questions - Office of the BCCM
Michelle Scott, Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management

This article providing COVID-19 FAQs for strata properties has been updated on the 25 May to reflect the current situation in Queensland. Adjusting budgets, reducing levies, social distancing rules for lifts...
Horizon Strata

Last Edition's Star Articles

COVID-19 Strata Regulations
Too Many Items on Our Terrace or Balcony?

SA: Q&A Too Many Items on Our Terrace or Balcony?
Carrie McInerney,
Horner Management.

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