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NSW Submitting Renovation ByLaws

NSW: Q&A Submitting Renovation ByLaws for Review
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: We’ve never received approval for an air conditioner. We’ve recently been told to move the exterior unit as it is not keeping with the appearance of the lot.
Implementing the 10 year sinking fund forecast

QLD: Q&A Implementing the 10 year sinking fund forecast
Chris Irons, 
Hynes Legal

Question: Does the Legislation require the Sinking Fund Forecast to be approved by the owners at a General Meeting? 
Express Glass
VIC Damage Separate Water Meter

VIC: Q&A Damage to a Separate Water Meter. Who Pays?
Joel Chamberlain,
Horizon Strata Management Group

Question: We have separate water meters in our small scheme. One of the lot’s water meters was damaged. Who should pay for the repair? Or can we claim insurance to cover the cost?
NSW Shutting Facilities

NSW: Shutting Facilities and Restricting Access to Common Areas
Natalie Fitzgerald,
More Than Strata

Question: Does a NSW Strata Committee have the authority to shut facilities and restrict access to Common Property areas? This occurred prior to, and totally unrelated to COVID-19.
Fire Audit and Fire Door Compliance

QLD: Q&A Fire Audit and Fire Door Compliance
Peter Pedersen, Scanline Fire Doors

Question: The exit door to the fire escape staircase can no longer be opened from the outside. Is this against the law if our body corporate won't have it repaired?
WA Overdue Strata Levies

WA: Q&A Lot Owner's Overdue Strata Levies. What are the rules?
Brian Rulyancich, StrataTAC

Question: Can the Strata Manager Change the locks to your premises for non-payment of outstanding strata levies?
Tower Body Corporate

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