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Financial Options to Survive COVID-19

NAT: Q&A Non Payment of Levies: Financial Options to Survive COVID-19
Debbie Barker,

Question: What options do we have if, due to non payment of levies, the owners corporation does not have enough funds for the year to pay for all of the outgoings?
Can We Have BBQs or a Small Fire Pit on the Apartment Balcony

NSW: Q&A Can We Have BBQs or a Small Fire Pit on the Apartment Balcony
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: Now the evenings are getting cooler, we are wondering if we can set up a small fire pit on our apartment balcony. We have units and balconies both above and below us.
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
 Body Corporate Voting Rules - What You Can and Can't Do

QLD: Q&A Body Corporate Voting Rules - What You Can and Can't Do
Frank Higginson,
Hynes Legal

Question: I've received Voting Papers to fill out for our AGM. The instructions say to circle your response next to each motion you wish to vote on. Is this appropriate?

ACT: Q&A Is it Law - Committee Minutes Must Be Released Within 14 Days?
Craig Bowditch, Bridge Strata

Question: I am having difficulty obtaining Executive Committee minutes. I note the changes for the ACT this year will require minutes be released to owners within fourteen days of a meeting. Is this law yet?
Optical Terminations
Strata Voting Rules, Majority Votes and Proxies

SA: Q&A Strata Voting Rules, Majority Votes and Proxies

Flavia Ger,
Ace Body Corporate

Question: Around 75% or our lots are owned by one lot owner. If it came to a majority vote, would the majority lot owner have the deciding vote or are they considered one vote?
Owners Corporation’s Meetings

NSW Owners Corporation’s Meetings: How to Record Them in Compliance with The Surveillance Devices Act 2007
Kerin Benson Lawyers

A strata manager may want to record meetings of the Owners Corporation to ensure the accuracy of the meetings’ minutes. Whether an owners corporation’s meetings are held in person or by electronic means however, the Surveillance Devices Act 2007 will have to be taken into consideration.
Tower Body Corporate

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