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NSW: Q&A Does our Strata Plan Need to Submit a Tax Return?

NSW: Q&A Does our Strata Plan Need to Submit a Tax Return?
Caren Chen, TINWORTH & CO

Question: Does our Strata Scheme need to submit a tax return? Our ONLY income is from the owners corporation fees for maintenance and administration. Does this mean there is no assessable income?
Renting Or Selling My Car Space

QLD: Q&A Renting Or Selling My Car Space or Storage Space
Hayley Gath,
Mathews Hunt Legal

Question: Can I rent out my car space or storage space to an on-site resident. Do I need to notify the committee or seek permission?
Westside Fire Services

VIC: Q&A Owners Corporation Approval for Renovations?

Jane Giacobbe,
VIC & NSW Strata Reports

Question: What is the protocol or procedure for a lot owner of a strata titled apartment to install central heating in Victoria?
Noise Complaints in Apartments During Lockdown

NSW: Children and Noise Complaints in Apartments During Lockdown
Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers

Is children playing on common property a breach of the current public health order or strata legislation: causing a nuisance or hazard? How about a breach of the bylaws? What can lot owners about it?
Savil Group
Applying For Unit Renovations

WA: Q&A Applying For Unit Renovations

Brian Rulyancich,

Question: We would like to add a second story to our freestanding unit. Do I need unanimous approval for renovations from all lot owners before I can proceed to put a building application to the council?
Management Rights Options and Variations During COVID-19

QLD: Management Rights Options and Variations During COVID-19
Todd Garsden, Mahoneys

We've seen many changes for bodies corporate and resident managers due to COVID-19. One issue that has not and cannot change is how options and variations of term are dealt with in management rights agreements.

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