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Installing Security or Screen Doors

NSW: Q&A Apartment fire regulations - Installing Security or Screen Doors 
Vincent Graham,
Project Guides

Question: Can Lot Owners install screen doors to their units and what requirements apartment fire regulations and need to be considered before installation?
 Body corporate spending limits

QLD: Q&A Body corporate spending limits - What are they and when do they apply? 
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Question: The body corporate is considering replacing the old timber decking with tiles. As we are not replacing like for like, is the work permitted without seeking approval at an AGM?
Westside Fire Services
Move Your Butt

VIC: Q&A Move Your Butt
Joel Chamberlain,
Horizon Strata Management Group

Question: The tenant downstairs smokes so much the smell has permitted our unit. Common areas such as the stairwell have an overpowering smell of smoke. Can we stop the tenant from smoking inside their own apartment?
Gaining Control of Your Budget!

WA: Tips for Contractor Selection and Gaining Control of Your Budget!
Greg McCulloch, Westside Fire Services

To gain greater control of the budget the Council of Owners should nominate someone to oversee all matters relating to each major building service, even if a Strata Manager coordinates the work.
Can You Run a Business from Your Apartment Garage?

NSW: Q&A Can You Run a Business from Your Apartment Garage?
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: A tenant is setting up a physiotherapy business in their garage. Could you please tell us what procedures are required for a resident to run a business from their apartment garage?
Authorising Common Property Changes or Improvements

QLD: Q&A Authorising Common Property Changes or Improvements
John Coleman, Bugden Allen Lawyers

Question: A lot owner has replaced a painting in the foyer with their own artwork. Can a lot owner make changes to the appearance of common property without Body Corporate approval?
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

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