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QLD: Concerned about the coming
Residential Tenancy Changes?

Join Frank Higginson and Chris Irons, Hynes Legal together
with Rob Honeycombe, Bees Nees City Realty
as they break down QLD residential tenancies, strata and COVID-19.
Thursday 23 Apr, 10 am AEST [Zoom Webinar]

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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

Strata levies and COVID-19

QLD: Strata levies & COVID-19
Frank Higginson and Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

Perhaps the biggest challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic is how to manage body corporate levies and other financial issues at a time when people are under all sorts of financial pressure. 
Solar for Apartments

NSW: Q&A Solar for Apartments - Power to the (Strata) People
Natalie Fitzgerald,
More Than Strata

Question: To install solar panels, I believe I need to engage a lawyer to draft a new bylaw and the vote may not be successful anyway. Is there an easier way?
Westside Fire Services
Who Pays the Body Corporate Insurance Excess for Repairs?

QLD: Q&A Who Pays the Body Corporate Insurance Excess for Repairs?

Tyrone Shandiman,
Strata Insurance Solutions

Question: For a garage door that services only one lot, is the body corporate or the lot owner responsible for any insurance excess related to repair of the garage door?
Strata and Pet Approval

WA: Q&A Strata and Pet Approval. Challenging the 'No Pets' ByLaw?

Brian Rulyancich, StrataTAC
Question: How do we challenge a 'no pets' bylaw preventing us from keeping our dog in our apartment? When trying to change a by-law, does it have to be done without dissent or does the 75% rule apply?
Duties of Strata Treasurer

NSW: Q&A Duties of Strata Treasurer. Is there a job description?
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: Our Strata Treasurer holds a Petty Cash amount which we understand has been spent. We have asked for receipts but he has declined to table a reconciliation. What action can we take? 
Unit Entitlements, Proxy Votes and the Quorum

ACT: Q&A Unit Entitlements, Proxy Votes and the Quorum

Jan Browne,
Bridge Strata

Question: In the ACT, in what instances do unit entitlements equate to votes at the AGM and other owners corporation meetings?
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Last Edition's Star Articles

Children and Noise Complaints in Apartments
Converting a Garage into a Bedroom

Strata Vacancy

Note: Looking for strata staff. We publish strata vacancies for free!
NAT: Tradies uncertainty
SBS News
The impact COVID-19 is having on the trades sector and the current uncertainty the industry is facing. "Tradies are well versed in the practice of assessing risk and establishing work methods to manage that risk. It's actually what we do every day," Adrian Grocott, Express Glass.

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