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QLD: Concerned about the coming Residential Tenancy Changes?
Join Frank Higginson and Chris Irons, Hynes Legal together
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as they break down residential tenancies, strata and COVID-19.
Thursday 23 Apr, 10 am AEST [Zoom Webinar]

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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

Children and Noise Complaints in Apartments

NSW: Children and Noise Complaints in Apartments During Lockdown
Leanne Habib, Premium Strata

Question: With the current lockdown restrictions and more people including children home, will there be changes to strata laws regarding noise and neighbours?
Body corporate spending limits

QLD: Q&A Body corporate spending limits - What are they and when do they apply?
Chris Irons,
Hynes Legal

Question: The body corporate exceeded their approved spending limit for our embedded electricity system by $4000 without seeking approval. Is this legal?
Property Audit & Assurance
Setting Up a Maintenance Plan and Deciding on a Budget

VIC: Q&A Setting Up a Maintenance Plan and Deciding on a Budget

Joel Chamberlain,
Horizon Strata Management Group

Question: A number of lot owners are having problems with leaking windows in their apartments. Where are the common property boundaries? Is this an owners corporation or individual lot owner issue?
WA Strata disputes

WA Strata disputes: Who pays for the State Administrative Tribunal process?

Anthony Quahe, Civic Legal
In the 2018 amendments to the Act, SAT was named the sole forum for the resolution of strata disputes. We look at why you might apply to the SAT to resolve a dispute, who pays for the costs of SAT proceedings and whether the SAT awards costs orders.
Westside Fire Services
Can a Lot Owner Convert Their Garage into a Bedroom?

QLD: Q&A Can a Lot Owner Convert Their Garage into a Bedroom?
Hayley Gath, Mathews Hunt Legal

Question: A lot owner in our building has converted their garage into a bedroom and a child is living in it. Although I've reported this to the body corporate, they will not take any action.
Court Legal Work During These Times

NSW: Court Legal Work During These Times
Colin Grace,
Grace Lawyers

Generally, all Courts/Tribunals have suspended in person attendances; where possible all matters will be dealt with via email or teleconference. Multiparty hearings may be adjourned to a later date.
Express Glass

Last Edition's Star Articles

If Executive Committee isn't Acting Appropriately
Confining Residents During COVID-19 Lockdown
SCA (NSW) Develop a COVID-19 Guidelines Poster 

The poster outlines the necessary and easy steps apartment communities can take to avoid contact with and stop the spread of COVID-19. Print out the poster and display it in your common area or share the weblink to the poster.

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