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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

Can I Keep Pets in a Strata Building

NSW: Can I Keep Pets in a Strata Building
Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata

Question: The previous lot owner had approval for a dog. I've just moved in. Does the pet approval apply to me or do I need to submit a new request for approval so I can have my dog at the unit?
Major Works Essential During COVID-19

QLD: Q&A Major Works Essential During COVID-19?
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Question: Due to lack of communication from the committee, I've lost rental income as major works started during a Short Term Letting stay. Also, should major works like the painting of the building be proceeding during the Coronavirus crisis? I don't feel the work is essential.
Westside Fire Services
Q&A Proxy Voting

WA: Q&A Proxy Voting, Harvesting and the Validity of the Proxy Form

Andrew Chambers,
Chambers Franklyn Strata Management

Question:  An owner is regularly away. Can their appointed proxy come to meetings even when the lot owner is present?
COVID-19, Insurance and Strata Properties - FAQs

NAT: COVID-19, Insurance and Strata Properties - FAQs

Lia de Sousa,
Whitbread Insurance Brokers
With Coronavirus (COVID-19) officially declared a Pandemic, we understand you may have a number of questions regarding the impact on your insurance when it comes to strata properties.
Strata Central
Social Distancing in Apartment Blocks

VIC: Social Distancing in Apartment Blocks is Hard To Do, but Necessary Right Now

Tom Bacon, Strata Title Lawyers

In apartment blocks, it's more difficult to self-isolate due to the close proximity of our neighbours. The committee needs to spring into action and communicate to owners and residents about what it's doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
Prohibit Use of Their Recreational Facilities

NSW COVID-19: Should Owners Corporations & Community Associations Prohibit Use of Their Recreational Facilities?

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
On the basis of simple common sense and a desire to assist the community at large, owners corporations and community associations in NSW should temporarily close down any games rooms, indoor recreation facilities etc.
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Last Edition's Star Articles

NSW Airbnb and Coronavirus

NSW: Q&A Short Term Letting, Airbnb and Coronavirus

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Stop Short Term Rentals in our Building

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