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We are doing it again. On Monday 6 April at 3 pm AEST, Chris Irons and Frank Higginson from Hynes Legal are running another Facebook Live information Q&A session on Strata Living during the Coronavirus Crisis. Whether you joined last time or watched the rerun, don't miss this session. Post your questions to the event page or just hit reply to this email and we'll try to get through as many as possible on the day.
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We recently received this good news from a few long time readers:
Robin and Lizzie from QLD tell us "We are lucky to live in a lovely unit on the river and can have conversations with our neighbours across the balconies, more than 2 metres away of course!"

What's happening in your building? Simply reply to this email and let us know.

Stay safe and well!
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Latest Articles From the LookUpStrata Blog

NSW Airbnb and Coronavirus

NSW: Q&A Short Term Letting, Airbnb and Coronavirus

Allison Benson,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

Question: We have a lot owner who short term lets their unit on Airbnb. Most residents in the complex are elderly and we are concerned about Coronavirus. What can we do?
Fire Audit and Fire Door Compliance

QLD: Q&A Fire Audit and Fire Door Compliance

Peter Pedersen, Scanline Fire Doors
& Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
Question: Are all front doors for apartments required to be fire doors because they are the only exit? How do we know which doors need to comply with fire door regulations?
Blackburne Strata Management
ACT Who Can Serve on Executive Committee

ACT: Q&A Who Can Serve on the Owners Corporation Executive Committee?

Jan Browne, Bridge Strata
Question:  In Canberra, can an individual who is not an owner of a lot in the strata scheme be elected to the Executive Committee?
Safety Precautions in Relation to COVID-19

VIC: Q&A Clear Guidelines - Safety Precautions in Relation to COVID-19

Joel Chamberlain, Horizon Strata
Question: I think we need clear guidelines about safety precautions in relation to COVID-19. Our Owners Corporation is having difficulty.
Strata Central
Stop Short Term Rentals in our Building

QLD: Q&A Power to Stop Short Term Rentals in our Building
Chris Irons, Hynes Legal

Question: An owner lives in one unit and uses another unit in our building as an Airbnb. They run the Airbnb out of their unit. Is it a breach to conduct a business from a unit?
Impact of COVID-19 on Contracts For Remedial Works

NSW: Impact of COVID-19 on Contracts For Remedial Works

Adrian Mueller,
JS Mueller & Co Lawyers

Does the COVID-19 Pandemic entitle an owners corporation to cancel or delay a contract for remedial work to common property?

Last Edition's Star Articles

Owners Corporation Meetings in Time of COVID-19

QLD: COVID-19 Frequently asked questions
Jane Wilson, 
Acting Commissioner for BCCM

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Audit? – Property Audit & Assurance

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