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NAT: Coronavirus & Strata – What Does the Legislation Say? Not Much

Live Facebook Event featuring Frank Higginson & Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
We discuss helpful information about getting through this crisis like how to deal with self isolating residents, cleaning common areas, what to do about meetings.. Its a good session. At the time of writing, it's had almost 600 views.
 Proxy Votes & Quorum Requirements

NSW: Q&A Proxy Votes & Quorum Requirements for Annual General Meeting

Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata
Question: If a general meeting fails to have a quorum, the Act permits a 30 minutes delay and then the meeting may proceed. What is the procedure if an electronic general meeting fails to achieve a quorum?
Property Audit & Assurance
Who Pays the Body Corporate

QLD: Q&A Who Pays the Body Corporate Insurance Excess from a Leak?

Chris Irons, Hynes Legal
Question: Storm damage has resulted in a water stain on my ceiling. The Body Corporate has advised me that I can claim through the Body Corporate insurance to have the ceiling repainted but I'm responsible for the excess.
 Pest Control

WA: Q&A Is Pest Control Like Termites A Strata Responsibility?

David Clark,
Houspect WA
Question: In units, is pest control like termites a strata responsibility? For ongoing prevention, is an annual inspection required?
PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
Common Property Defects and Reimbursement

NSW: Q&A Common Property Defects and Reimbursement for Repairs

Pierrette Khoury,
Khoury Lawyers

Question: A lot owner put down a hard floor under a special bylaw to transfer the obligation of maintenance of the surrounding common property to the lot owner. We now need to dig up the floor for a pipe repair and they are not being cooperative.
NAT Do We Still Need To Hold Meetings In Person?

NAT: Apartment Owners Ask: Do We Still Need To Hold Meetings In Person?

Amanda Farmer, 
The Australian College of Strata Lawyers

The owners and managers of apartment buildings across the nation are demanding to know whether they are still required to have face-to-face body corporate meetings, while trying to reduce the risk of infection and spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.
Savil Group

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Enforcing By-laws
Body Corporate Voting Rules

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WA: Proposed reforms to the approval process for commercial buildings

Building and Energy is inviting WA to share their views on ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the commercial building approval process, including the process for approving apartment buildingsTo find out more click here. Submissions close 3 Apr.

QLD: Feedback for the Office of the Body Corporate Commissioner

Griffith University is independently undertaking research to examine the alignment between the Office of the Body Corporate Commissioner (OBCC) services and their stakeholders to ensure the provision of the best services and suite of products and information. They need your input by participating in a short online survey. To find out more and complete the survey click here

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