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NSW How Much for the Roof Space?

NSW: Q&A Right To Use Common Property: How Much for the Roof Space?

Emma Smythies,
Bugden Allen Lawyers
Question: I want to purchase the roof space above my apartment to build another bedroom and the committee has agreed. What happens now and how do we work out the appropriate price to pay?
QLD Accessing Body Corporate’s Financial Records

QLD: Q&A Accessing Body Corporate’s Financial Records

Frank Higginson,
Hynes Legal

Question: Our large complex on the Gold Coast does not have audits. I’d like to carry out an audit but the Body Corporate Manager is refusing me access to the body corporate financial records unless I pay a large fee.
Express Glass
VIC Maintaining the Nature Strip

VIC: Q&A Who is Responsible For Maintaining the Nature Strip?

Jane Giacobbe,
Strata Reports Victoria

Question: In a group of 3 strata units whose responsibility is it to maintain the front nature strip regarding mowing? The front unit who faces onto the nature strip or the owners of all the units?
ACT Trees Causing Damage

ACT: Developer’s Trees Causing Damage to Water Pipes and Driveways

Jan Browne, Whittles Strata Partners and Christopher Kerin, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Question: Trees planted in lots by the developer 20 years ago have caused damage to common property. Who is responsible for the repair bills in the $10,000s?
Tower Body Corporate
QLD Short-Term Stays Banned

Airbnb and Short-Term Stays Banned by Queensland Body Corporate

Strata Community Association
A by-law banning short-term letting within a Gold Coast strata community has been successful. Strata leaders are cautiously optimistic in the message this sends to the QLD Government to grant more powers to bodies corporate.
NSW Claiming Consequential Damages Against an Owners Corporation

NSW: Claiming Consequential Damages Against an Owners Corporation: Update Post Shih

Allison Benson,
Kerin Benson Lawyers

It's now even more important to seek legal advice as soon as there's awareness of any losses caused by failure to maintain & repair common property as lot owners may have a claim in Tribunal & in Court.
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Last Edition's Star Articles

QLD Disclosing Commissions

QLD: Q&A Aren’t Resident Managers Bound to Disclose Commissions?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
NSW Who Provides Anchor Points

NSW: Q&A Who Provides Anchor Points for Safe Roof Inspections?

Nigel Wraight, Forte Asset Services

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NSW: City of Sydney Grants Helping Building Owners and Operators Reduce Costs – Round 3 Now Open

Round 3 of City of Sydney grants program is now open. These grants help building owners and managers better understand and target efficiency projects to reduce ongoing operational costs. Funding is also available for monitoring and measuring equipment. For more information, read out update here.
Applications open until 18 November 2019.

QLD: BCCM Regulations - Consultation on Draft Legislation 

The community and stakeholders are invited to have their say on consultation drafts of new regulations to support the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997. Draft regulations, and information about the reforms included in the new regulations and how you can have your say can be found at the Department of Justice and Attorney-General community consultation website page.
Consultation for all draft regulations extended to 1 December 2019.

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NSW Fair Trading: Strata for Lot Owners – Meetings, Levies, By-Laws and the general running of a scheme [WEBINAR] 2 Dec, 1 - 2 pm

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