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NSW Noise in Carparks to a Reasonable Level

NSW: Q&A Keeping Noise in Carparks to a Reasonable Level

Leanne Habib,
Premium Strata
Question: Does a resident’s right to peace and quiet in a lot (as stipulated in a bylaw) mean that people using a carpark area right outside a lot must keep their noise to a reasonable level?
QLD Resident Managers Disclose Commissions

QLD: Q&A Aren’t Resident Managers Bound to Disclose Commissions?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: Our resident manager has been arranging services for residents without disclosing that they are receiving a commission. Aren’t they bound to disclose commissions?
Westside Fire Services
VIC Key Safe for WheelChair Lift

VIC: Q&A Using Key Safe for Access to WheelChair Lift

Alex Smale,
The Knight

Question: We have a wheelchair/disable chair lift installed. Shouldn’t every owner be entitled to a key? It was installed to assist all residents and therefore should be part of their entitlements.
NSW: Q&A Who Provides Anchor Points for Safe Roof Inspections?

NSW: Q&A Who Provides Anchor Points for Safe Roof Inspections?

Nigel Wraight,
Forte Asset Services

Question: Who is responsible for providing anchor points and safety railings for contractors carrying out maintenance on our roof areas? Is this really up to the owners corporation?
Tower Body Corporate
WA Recovering Outstanding Fees

WA: Q&A Cost Recovery By Law and Recovering Outstanding Fees

Elizabeth Florence,
Abode Strata

Question: In our self managed scheme, one owner owes money for the painting of the eaves. To recover outstanding fees, can we sue him for the money owed plus all costs to do so?
NAT Mould in Strata Buildings

NAT: Causes and Prevention of Mould in Strata Buildings

Dimitri Livas, Savil Group
Anyone with an interest in strata property has mould on their radar, and right now when it comes to mould related issues, we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We look at what you can do to prevent excess moisture and the growth of mould in indoor environments.
Strata Alert

Last Edition's Star Articles

QLD Interest on Overdue Fees

QLD: Q&A Interest Charges on Overdue Strata Fees

Myles Holley,
Hynes Legal
Flatline Management Structure for Your Committee

Is it Time to Consider a Flatline Management Structure for Your Committee?

Andrew Terrell, Bright & Duggan

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NSW: City of Sydney Grants Helping Building Owners and Operators Reduce Costs – Round 3 Now Open

Round 3 of City of Sydney grants program is now open. These grants help building owners and managers better understand and target efficiency projects to reduce ongoing operational costs. Funding is also available for monitoring and measuring equipment. For more information, read out update here.
Applications open until 18 November 2019.

QLD: BCCM Regulations - Consultation on Draft Legislation 

The community and stakeholders are invited to have their say on consultation drafts of new regulations to support the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997. Draft regulations, and information about the reforms included in the new regulations and how you can have your say can be found at the Department of Justice and Attorney-General community consultation website page.
Consultation for all draft regulations extended to 1 December 2019.

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