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Coming up to the end of the year, our last newsletter for 2018 will be issued on 19 Dec and the newsletter will return for 2019 on the 16 Jan.

HOLIDAYS: Our office will be closed midday 19 Dec - 14 Jan. We have currently suspended our Ask A Strata Question service until 2019.

We are looking to introduce a Strata Positions Vacant section in the newsletter in 2019. This will be a free service and open to subscribers of the Strata Life Newsletter. For more details, contact me here. Thanks for the responses who have shown interest so far!

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Latest Articles

NSW Laundry Breach

NSW: Repeated Breaches – The Washings on the Line!

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: What action can the Strata Committee take to impose compliance for breaches? A lot owner is amplifying her non-compliance in response to being advised to cease her laundry drying practices.
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Property Audit & Assurance
QLD Body Corporate Voting Rules

QLD: Q&A Body corporate voting rules - What you can and can't do

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal 
Question: The body corporate manager and current committee members are advising lot owners on “how to vote”. This does not sound like it will produce an unbiased result. What are the body corporate voting rules about this?

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NSW Motions

NSW: A Sample Motion + Do you need to include explanatory notes for every motion on an agenda?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata 
Question: I have to write a motion for our upcoming general meeting. I was wondering if I could get a sample motion as I have never written a motion before.
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PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers
QLD Valid ByLaws

QLD: Q&A Are our Committee’s Suggested New Strata Title By-laws Lawful?

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal
Question: The Committee is currently reviewing our twenty year old strata title by-laws in an attempt to address some of the matters which are becoming problematic – building security and community power.
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NSW Window Safety Devices

NSW: Windows and Window Safety Devices in Strata Schemes: What is required and can the owners corporation absolve itself of its responsibility?

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
It's almost nine months on from the legislative changes and there are still questions about what exactly is required and the responsibilities of the owners corporation as opposed to owners and occupiers.
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Bushfire Season

Is your Owners Corporation prepared for the bushfire season ahead?

Whitbread Insurance Brokers
To assist your Owners Corporation in preparing your property for the bushfire season, we have set out some helpful tips to ensure you are in the best position possible should you face the threat of a bushfire.
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Last Edition's Star Article

NSW Strata Visitor Car Parking

NSW: Strata visitor car parking angst, a common source of resident disquiet!

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: A lot owner has a very regular visitor who has been given a security pass to our garage and his car is regularly in our single strata visitor car parking spot. He has become quite territorial about the space. How do we handle this?

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Selection of Recent Comments

QLD Visitor Parking

QLD: Q&A The First rule of Visitor Parking in Apartments – umm, it’s for visitors!

Article by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
confused student:Hey! I’m a tenant in a residential building. The body corporate has apparently just passed a by-law allowing a 3rd party company to issue on-the-spot invoices to any vehicle parked in the visitors carpark if it doesn’t have a “visitors pass” displayed. Visitors passes have to be printed out by residents (too bad if you don’t have a printer!)
It makes sense to me that BC might be able to stop residents from parking in the visitors areas, but can they allow a 3rd party to fine bona fide visitors? That seems crazy!
If not, how would I, a tenant, go about challenging this Body Corporate rule? How do I find out who the adjudicator is for my building and how do I start the adjudication process? Residents have been putting up signs in the lift expressing their disappointment with having family and friends fined for visiting.

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NSW Strata Visitor Car Parking

NSW: Strata visitor car parking angst, a common source of resident disquiet!

Article by Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Arlys Baker: Desperate, we gave up and parked them in. They called Police, who were not interested because it was not on public property.. The end result was they got the message. Not very satisfactory but it worked. Shame you get driven to such extreme action.
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NSW: Get Involved

Sign up for the City of Sydney's new food scraps recycling trial

“We’re looking for apartments and houses to take part. If you live in an apartment, we need to know about your building and its waste and recycling facilities. We’ll need a contact for someone managing your building, such as you building manager, strata managing agent, or the secretary of your building strata scheme.

“My tip is to start the process sooner rather than later so you can get the details you need and still meet the registration deadline.”

Expressions of interest to participate in the food scraps recycling trial close on Monday 31 December 2018.

Breaking News

Credit crackdown putting heat on apartment buyers and developers

NSW: Western Sydney is being transformed into a mecca for high rise units

‘Eye of the storm’: Sydney off-the-plan apartment buyers caught out by lower valuations

New rules to affect short-term rental accommodation in Newcastle

QLD: Queensland court overrules Gold Coast City Council high-rise approval in 'unique' case

Queensland's rental laws set for major reform after public calls for price caps, flexible pet rules

VIC: Happy with your OC manager? Most are

ACT: ACT building regulator to shine light on company histories



NZ: Hamilton body corporate fined for dumping poo in stream

Corbel collapse leaves Auckland apartment owners still facing major bills

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SCA WA - Professional Development - 2019 Strata Outlook Burswood: 1 Feb, 1 – 3 pm

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