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Latest Articles

Solar for apartments

NSW: Solar for Apartments – Power to the (Strata) People

The LookUpStrata Team
Question: We are looking into solar panels for apartments. As all roof areas are invariably common property and there are both good (solar efficient) and not so good areas on any roof structure, how does the strata committee go about defining where individual lot owners can position their solar PV panels?

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Auto Clamp
QLD Meeting Minutes

QLD: Q&A Accuracy of Body Corporate Committee Meeting Minutes

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal 
Question: I'm questioning the accuracy of body corporate committee meeting minutes as they do not include all the requirement by legislation. The other situation I am concerned about is the validity of voting outside of the committee meeting.

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NSW Garage Doors

NSW: Q&A Protocol for having automatic garage door openers repaired

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: About a month ago the receiver for our automatic garage door openers on the undercover secure garage stopped working properly. While we wait for the repair of the receiver, is it permitted to lock out residents from their own garages?

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Property Audit & Assurance
NSW Window Safety Compliance

NSW: Annual Window Safety Compliance Reinspection – Minimising the Risk of Non-Compliance

Anthony Shakar, ASQB Window Safety 
Over the last decade, apartment living has become increasingly popular throughout NSW and rightly so, with the advantages of price, location and community being irresistible to many. Owners Corporations and Strata Managers have a number of responsibilities when it comes to ensuring the safety of others, one of which is Window Safety Compliance.  
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WA Strata Reforms Gazetted

WA: Strata reforms now law following gazettal of legislation

Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA, Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands
Historic reforms to Western Australia’s strata legislation – the most significant changes to strata in over 20 years – are now law after receiving Royal Assent on November 19. The reforms provide strata owners, occupiers and developers with a simpler, more transparent and accountable framework for owning, living in, or building strata and survey-strata schemes in WA. 
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Last Edition's Star Article

NSW Strata Manager insurance commissions

NSW: Q&A Can We Avoid Strata Manager Insurance Commissions?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata and Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions
Question: Our building insurance is due mid 2019. Is the Owners Corporation able to renew this themselves or must it go through the Strata Management Company? We would prefer not to pay our Strata Manager insurance commissions.

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NSW: The Strata Solution You’ve Been Looking For
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Selection of Recent Comments

QLD Noise

How to deal with noise complaints when living in a Strata Community

Answer supplied by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Leeanne: I live in a resort building on the Gold Coast and am frequently unable to have my doors open for the screaming noise of unsupervised people in the pool which at times goes on for hours.  The management has said that the police need to be called as they do not want to lose income from holidaymakers.  

I own the lot I am living in.  Whilst there is frequently foul language, there is no criminal activity so I don't understand the need to call the police.  Please, could you advise?

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NSW Sign on apartment

NSW: Q&A Can I Put a Sign Up On My Apartment?

Answer supplied by Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
LVC: I would disagree. I believe you can. In the same way that you can allow rainbow flags to fly. We live in a democracy. It will be discriminatory (political activity) for the owners to disallow this. (As long as the sign is not discriminatory, then proceed!). I would nevertheless advise that you inform the Committee of your intention and a time for its removal.
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QLD Visitor Parking

QLD: Q&A The First rule of Visitor Parking in Apartments – umm, it’s for visitors!

Answer supplied by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Lorraine: I have a unit in an 8 unit complex. I have lived there approximately 18 years. When I first moved in there were “visitor car park only” signs (two or three from memory). In recent years those signs have worn away but all owners are fully aware that their purpose in those parks was for visitors. One of the unit owners has two vehicles and for whatever reason does not use his garage (every unit has a one car garage). All other occupiers, whether owners or tenants, are using their garage. However the owner of two vehicles is persistently using both visitor car parks for their use. I have approached them several times but am being ignored. I have started the first leg of a seemingly lengthy process with the Body Corporate but I suspect this fairly tedious (and possibly expensive) process may be a waste of time and money. It simply isn’t fair that somebody can abuse the system and without cost and angst by other occupiers, may very well get away with it.
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NSW Consent to DA

NSW: Do You Need the Owners Corporation Consent to Your DA?

Answers provided by David Bannerman, Bannermans Lawyers + Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Diana: I want to list my apartment on AirBNB. The apartment is in a Mixed Use zone within the North Sydney Council area. There’s no construction required, and (as far as I see it) impact on common property. Would I need OC approval for the DA?
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NSW Valid AGMs

NSW: Supreme Court Saves Defective AGMs

Article written by drian Mueller, JS Mueller & Co
Perplexed: I wonder what the High Court has to say on this judgement. It makes a mockery of the requirements of the Strata Scheme Management Act if the strata committee in collusion with the strata manager pick and choose what to include in the Notice & Agenda calling for the meeting. Owners getting such notice could be misled as to the importance of that AGM.
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News of the Week

WA Perth's Ugliest

New strata law lets Perth’s ugliest apartment blocks in for facelifts

Emma Young, The Sydney Morning Herald
One grumpy neighbour can no longer stop apartment owners installing solar panels, and that's not the only positive change being made for apartment dwellers.

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