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Latest Articles

NSW Peaceful enjoyment bylaws

NSW: Q&A Is piano playing for hours a day a breach of our peaceful enjoyment?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Our neighbour has recently been playing their piano for hours every day. Is this a breach of the peaceful enjoyment bylaw and how can we make this stop?

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Strata Assets

Managing Strata Assets for a Better Strata Plan – Recognising Owners Corporation Assets [Opinion]

James – Chairman and Treasurer, Sydney
Strata Plans spend considerable amounts of time and money on major capital works but when we look into the financial reports of our plans, we find nothing to recognise this past spending.  
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QLD Building Faults

QLD: Q&A Building faults shortly after ‘builder’s guarantee period’ expired

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: Is there an official line of recourse in Queensland for purchasers when building faults in an apartment block continue to appear shortly after the ‘builder’s guarantee period’ has expired?
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WA Unit Entitlements

WA: Q&A How are unit entitlements calculated? Vote per unit owned?

Strata Community Association WA
Question: In a commercial strata situation, how are unit entitlements calculated? Is it a vote per unit owned or a vote per owner?
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Can i put a sign up on my apartment

NSW: Q&A Can I Put a Sign Up On My Apartment?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Can I have a political sign displayed on my apartment? I own the apartment. Does this rule also apply for ‘For Sale’ signs on apartments?

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Threatening Neighbour

SA: I Feel Unsafe Due to My Threatening Neighbour

Flavia Ger, Ace Body Corporate Management
Question: I feel unsafe due to a threatening neighbour in my apartment block. The situation has gotten so bad, I regularly do not stay at the unit as I am too afraid. I’m not sure how best to proceed.
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Capita Finance Solutions
NSW Rural Strata Scheme

NSW: The Lakewood Estate – The Unique Strata Scheme That had a Unique Problem

Adrian Mueller, JS Mueller & Co
The Lakewood Estate is one of the first and only rural strata schemes in NSW. The unique nature of the Lakewood Estate created a unique insurance problem that had confronted the owners corporation for many years which was recently resolved by NCAT.
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Last Edition's Star Article

Happy with Strata Manager?

Are you happy with your Strata Manager? [POLL]

The LookUpStrata Team
Thank you to all who contributed to our quick poll in Strata News #214 last week. We received some very interesting results about how happy you are with your Strata Manager - if you have one.
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Equity Elevator Consultants

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Recent Comments

QLD Noisy Floorboards

QLD: Q&A The very noisy floorboards upstairs disturb our peace

Answer provided by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: If we’re a tenant with similar problems, and have been told by the property/building manager that the owner/occupier above installed floorboard underlay to code, are we within our rights to ask for the installation details?
Balustrades & Strata Liability

Balustrades and Strata Liability

Answer supplied by Chris Kerin, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Dominic: If you become aware of non compliant balustrades (that were compliant at the time of construction) is there a reasonable amount of time permitted before rectifying the balustrades? Given rectifying the balustrades can not happen instantly I wonder if you could still be held accountable if you were in the process of rectifying (scope of work, quotes etc)?
Happy with Strata Manager

Are you happy with your Strata Manager? [POLL]

Katie: Our Strata Manager (the company not the assigned person) charges for everything in ‘additional fees’ and our fees doubled when we started getting them to do things eg answer emails or followup on half answered emails.

They micro-charge everything over 15 minutes in 15 min blocks. The lines between Standard charges and Non Standard charges are blurred. Govt needs to set up a uniform strata agreement (similar to the tenancy agreement) so all costs are transparent. Also financial reporting is superficial so it’s impossible to work out exactly what we’ve been charged for regarding their services.

In the end we do most of the work ourselves to avoid exorbitant fees. I meet so many people that are unhappy with their Strata Managers, but lack the confidence to seek a new one. The stats above don’t seem to reflect the reality.

Special Announcement by SCA WA

SCA WA Reforms

News of the Week

Strata committee to sue Ettalong Diggers

Strata committee to sue Ettalong Diggers

Jackie Pearson, Coast Community News
The strata committee representing unit owners in the resort section of the Ettalong Diggers complex have commenced legal action against the club.

Mantra Building strata committee chair Mr Barry Sale said the legal action was related to damage, caused to units and common property, from leaks in the roof on the eighth floor.

NSW: Proposed amendments for short-term rental accommodation

Exhibition of proposed amendments for short-term rental accommodation

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is calling for feedback on proposed amendments to planning rules in order to provide for short-term rental accommodation (STRA) in NSW. 

Following growth in STRA, the NSW Government investigated policy options to regulate the industry in NSW in consultation with communities, councils and industry. As a result of these investigations, the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation announced a whole-of-government framework which includes: 
  • state-wide planning rules 
  • an industry-wide mandatory Code of Conduct 
  • changes to strata legislation
An Explanation of Intended Effect has been prepared outlining the proposed amendments to planning rules and is on exhibition until 16 November 2018.

To make a submission, please visit the website.

QLD: Renting Reform

Help to open doors to renting reform in Queensland by sharing your experiences as a tenant, property owner or property manager.

How do you feel about renting and how well the system is working?

Complete the survey and help shape the future of renting in Queensland.

This survey closes at 5PM AEST on Friday 30 November 2018.

To complete the survey, please visit the website.

WA: Have Your Say on Entertainment Noise in the Northbridge Area

WA Government is seeking input from the WA public about proposed reforms designed to preserve Northbridge’s vibrancy

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission, and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation have prepared a joint discussion paper, Planning for Entertainment Noise in the Northbridge Area: Public Consultation Paper. This paper outlines proposed reforms that address the issue of entertainment noise impacts in the Northbridge mixed use entertainment precinct.

The reforms aim to achieve an effective balance between protecting the economic viability of entertainment activities and minimising the impact of entertainment noise from venues on existing and future noise sensitive development.
The Online Survey is open until 26 Nov.
SCA WA Lot Owners Event

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