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NSW Reminder: Last Chance to Register for this seminar by Owners Corporation Network & Sedgwick - Simplifying Strata: Managing Defects & Major Projects!

Special Guest: Minister for Innovation & Better Regulation, The Hon Matt Kean

Owners Corporation Network (OCN) & Sedgwick are hosting an “informative and interactive” seminar in Sydney on the 6 Oct to help Owners address the minefield of issues face by Strata on a daily basis. The session will be opened by Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, The Hon. Matt Kean who will outline recent regulatory changes which will benefit strata owners. Bruce McKenzie, Sedgwick’s National Manager, Commercial Services & Major Projects (Australia), will walk owners through building defects identification and resolution and explain how to successfully manage major repairs and upgrade projects, as well as explaining aspects of the Defect Bond Scheme.
Simplifying Strata
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Latest Articles, FAQs and Comments

NSW Timing of the AGM

NSW: Q&A Owners Corporation Meetings – Times and Frequency

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Are there rules concerning the actual time of day when an AGM is held? Last year our AGMs commenced at 3 pm with the consequence that only 7 out of 24 lot owners were able to attend.
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WA Strata Manager Complaints

WA: Q&A Where can I make strata manager complaints in WA?

Strata Community Association WA
Question: I’ve been living in a small strata complex for the last 10 years and it’s a constant fight for owners rights. I have suspicions that our money is mismanaged and the Strata Manager is not working in our best interests. Where can I make strata manager complaints in WA?
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QLD Cladding

Combustible cladding laws in Queensland announced

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: I am part of a body corporate that has 15 units which obtained a building approval prior to January 1 ,1994 although construction was completed after that date.

The units are divided into 4 buildings containing two storeys. Each unit has two stories. I believe that the cladding on the front and back of the building (not not sides) is Handiplank by James Hardie.

Our Chairperson wants to comply with the new cladding regulations. Do you see any benefits for our Body Corporate if it complied with the new regulations? Our Chairperson thinks that there is no cost associated with complying with the Regulations.

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Auto Clamp
VIC Cladding

VIC: Q&A Can non-fire rated Aluminium Composite Panels comply with National Construction Code

Sahil Bhasin, Roscon Group
Question: Are there circumstances where non-fire rated Aluminium Composite Panels comply with the National Construction Code? If not, who is responsible to replace?
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NSW Proxy Votes

NSW: Q&A Proxy Votes & Quorum Requirements for Annual General Meeting

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Are proxy votes private? If so why?

At a recent vote, those who voted were published in the minutes without our actual permission. So why were the proxy vote holders and their proxies not published? How can we trust the final decision?

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SA Tenants at meeting

SA: Q&A Can a Tenant attend a Body Corporate Meeting?

Tony Johnson, Horner Management
Question:Can a non member of the body corporate, say a tenant, be invited along to a body corporate meeting and participate in questions about the body corporate’s business affairs?
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NSW OCN & Sedgwick: Informative and Interactive Seminar

OCN & Sedgwick
Owners Corporation Network (OCN) & Sedgwick are hosting an “informative and interactive” seminar in Sydney on the 6th October to help Owners address the minefield of issues face by Strata on a daily basis.
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Last Edition's Star Article

QLD Tow a car

QLD: Can a Body Corporate Tow a Car?

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: I have a problem with my parking space. I run the business at the medical building. My lot get one parking which I clearly put the sign up that it’s only MY NAME who can park there, still, loads of car parked there and it’s really stress me out!

I now put up a sign saying “You are parked ILLEGALLY. Your number plate has been noted. You will be towed if you park here again”. Then, someone tore my sign off.

I contact numerous times to Body Corporate, before this, I kindly asked for CCTV footage because my car got crashed in the parking lot and since then until now (More than 1month), I have not received any CCTV footage yet. My Body Corporate works slow, helpless, and rude. Do you have any suggestion regarding this matter? I have no idea what to do!

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News of the Week

Highrise Parenting

High-rise Parenting

Today's Agenda, 9News
The Australian property dream has traditionally been a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and a backyard. But with property prices in capital cities through the roof, the first family home for many Australians nowadays is an apartment. In fact, families with children represent 44 per cent of apartment dwellers in Australia.

WA: Have Your Say on Short Term Accommodation in Strata

Have you experienced short term accommodation in strata?
SCA (WA) wants to hear from you!

SCA (WA) is currently seeking feedback from strata managers and SCA owner members on on their experience with short stay accommodation in strata schemes. To complete the survey, please click on the appropriate box.

WA: Have Your Say on Entertainment Noise in the Northbridge Area

WA Government is seeking input from the WA public about proposed reforms designed to preserve Northbridge’s vibrancy

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission, and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation have prepared a joint discussion paper, Planning for Entertainment Noise in the Northbridge Area: Public Consultation Paper. This paper outlines proposed reforms that address the issue of entertainment noise impacts in the Northbridge mixed use entertainment precinct.

The reforms aim to achieve an effective balance between protecting the economic viability of entertainment activities and minimising the impact of entertainment noise from venues on existing and future noise sensitive development.
The Online Survey is open until 26 Nov.

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ACT: Consider the human cost of higher rates for units

WA: WA Government proposes reforms to protect Northbridge's vibrancy from noise complaints

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