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Latest Articles

WA Decision Making

WA: Q&A Can one owner stop a senseless proposal from being executed?

Strata Community Association WA
Question: Our strata manager is proposing new spots for our bins. This whole idea rings safety issues for me and possible injury claim from our Body Corporate public liability insurance should it get the go ahead. How can I stop this?

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Auto Clamp
NSW Exec Committee positions

NSW: Q&A How long can member hold positions in executive committee?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: How long can a strata committee member or chairperson hold positions in the executive committee? Also, can the committee engage designers without lot owners agreeing to this appointment?
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QLD No Dog in foyer

QLD: Q&A No dog allowed in the foyer

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: One of our Strata Title By-Laws seems unreasonable. Although we are allowed pets, the pet must not be walked or carried through the foyer. The alternative route is not suitable for me.
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VIC Strata Building Defect

VIC: Q&A Strata building defect where builder refuses to carry out work

Stuart Mellington, Select OwnersCorp Management
Question: We have a number of strata building defect issues with the building and the builder now refuses to carry out any more work. We are communicating through his solicitor, but still, nothing gets done. Where do we go from here?

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Strata Insurance Requirements

Q&A What are the strata title insurance requirements around Australia?

Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions
Question: Is there a requirement to have a proper Strata product in all states or what are the strata title insurance requirements around Australia? Or can lot owners just take out a Domestic home product?
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Strata Partnering & Services
SA Risks Airbnb Hosting

SA: What are the risks of Airbnb hosting, specifically around fire safety?

Alan Short, Fire & Emergency Services SA Pty Ltd
The topic of “Airbnb” is emotive.  For some people, it is about cheap accommodation used by people out to party, but in reality, it’s just short term accommodation that we have all used. So what are the main risks of Airbnb hosting and how can you minimise them?
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NSW easements

NSW: Supreme Court Upholds Validity of Easements

Carlo Fini, JS Mueller & Co
On 14 August 2018, in The Owners – Strata Plan No 61233 v Arcidiacono [2018] NSWSC 1260, the Supreme Court upheld the validity of easements over land created in 1839 and the validity of easements over the same piece of land ordered by the Supreme Court in 2003.
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Last Edition's Star Article

QLD Water Damage

QLD: Q&A Water damage caused by runoff from my exclusive use area

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: Water runoff from my exclusive use outdoor area has caused water damage inside my unit and also drips through to the basement car park. How do I get the body corporate to act?
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Recent Comments

VIC Common Property

VIC: What’s yours and what‘s common property?

Answered by Daniel Hunt, Ace Body Corporate Management
Question: We are living in a loop style street. Each house has its own title. At the top or head of the street is an odd shaped parcel of land, due to gum trees the grass is scraggly and never mowed the primary use for the land is people living opposite park their cars on it. My question is. A resident is asking for monies to be paid to a body corporate for this land. Is this fair and reasonable or are they just pocketing a bit of money for themselves?
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NSW Unpaid Levies

NSW: Unpaid Levies…the New Rules!

Article by Faiyaaz Shafiq, JS Mueller & Co
Question: Hi there, I Have a investment unit in Sydney, owned for four years and have allways paid my strata fees ahead of time. This July my fees notice did not arrive in the mail and I was away for three weeks overseas. When I returned I had received a second notice with immediate debt recovery fee of $18. plus $9.00 interest fee on my next fee schedule. Is this fare with no other reminder?

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VIC Terminate agreement

VIC: “We wish to terminate your Owners Corporation Management agreement…”

Answers provided by Tony Overell, The Knight
Question: I have just purchased a shop in Victoria with 3 units above it. We have body corporate and and I am not happy with the fees they are charging based on what they are doing. There is not maintenance on the property and as such I do not want to be apart of this anymore. How do I remove my shop from this agreement?

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Findlay-Evans Waterproofing

Findlay-Evans Waterproofing

VIC: Providing Solutions for Water Leaks
Specialist Waterproofing Company AND Registered Building Practitioner based in Melbourne. Providing the complete project from: waterproofing installation, repairs to water leaks and structural building works. Specialist for Balcony Restoration, Roof Leaks, Basement & Concrete Leaks.
Quantum United Management

Quantum United Management

VIC: Turning large residential estates into thriving communities..
We are owners corporation management and consulting company specialising in transforming large scale residential estates into thriving lifestyle communities. Our team live and breathe residential management, and our residents feel proud and passionate about the communities they live in.
Stratum Legal Pty Ltd

Stratum Legal Pty Ltd

QLD: Delivering strategic solutions in strata law
Our focus is strata property development, body corporate and management rights. We are recognised experts in our field, always outcomes focused and offer flexible fee options. Contact Michael Kleinschmidt, our Legal Practitioner Director, who is always happy to share his wealth of experience with you.
Lannock Strata Finance

Lannock Strata Finance

Aust Wide: Comprehensive Strata Finance Solutions
Lannock Strata Finance provides funding to bodies corporate and owners corporations to finance strata projects like renovations, maintenance, defects, cladding rectification, green projects and repairs. Lannock will also fund strata insurance, professional services and litigation.

News of the Week

NSW 85 Highrise

NSW: Government taskforce names city 'hot spots' with dangerous cladding

Chris OKeefe, 9News
A NSW Government taskforce set up to audit buildings with dangerous flammable cladding has found Parramatta, Strathfield, North Sydney and the City of Sydney as the city's "hot spots". There is still confusion as to who pays for remediation, once the cladding is identified as dangerous. It's ultimately the owner's responsibility to replace it, but large apartment blocks could see bills in the millions of dollars.
VIC Builder goes into administration

VIC: Residents furious after builder being pursued over combustible cladding goes into administration

James Oaten, ABC News
Residents in apartments bound in combustible cladding fear they will have no option but to pay millions of dollars to make their homes safe again, after construction company Hickory placed its subsidiary, H Buildings, into voluntary administration.
Watch the news story from ABC News here.

WA: Have Your Say on Short Term Accommodation in Strata

Have you experienced short term accommodation in strata?
SCA (WA) wants to hear from you!

SCA (WA) is currently seeking feedback from strata managers and SCA owner members on on their experience with short stay accommodation in strata schemes. To complete the survey, please click on the appropriate box.

ACT: Business Sustainability Expo

A message from the ACT Government’s Actsmart team:

Strata managers and residents are invited to attend the 2018 Actsmart FREE Business Sustainability Expo on 13 September at the Southern Cross Club Woden. This is no ordinary expo. It's Canberra's largest sustainability expo, presenting sustainability focused businesses on stage and showcasing the latest technologies in waste, water and energy.

This year’s expo will once again present keynote speakers, inspirational seminars, interactive and innovative workshops, a major exhibitor and installation program, and networking opportunities.

Upcoming Events

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