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Latest Articles

VIC Insurance Commissions

Insurance Commissions Within the Strata Industry

Jonathan Smith, Beyond Strata
In this article, we look into some of the general questions owners may have surrounding insurance commissions within the owners corporation industry in Victoria. In particular, we discuss what managers should be doing to establish and maintain open and transparent disclosure with owners.
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Strata Vault
NSW Visitor Parking

NSW: Q&A Charging lot owners who use the visitor parking spaces

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: Some residents in our building use the visitor parking spaces as an additional parking spot. Is it possible to increase levies for these few residents and not all lot owners?
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VIC: Q&A Damage caused by a water leak from balcony above

Tyrone Shandiman, Strata Insurance Solutions
Question: Is there any way I can get the body Corporate or the Insurance company to take responsibility for damage caused by a water leak from balcony above?

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Strata Partnering & Services
Pets in strata qld

Pets in Strata Qld: Q&A Process to appeal the refusal for a pet

Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal 
Question: Our Body Corporate has refused a proposal for a resident to keep a cat and a dog. The resident is appealing the vote. What process does this appeal take and, during the process, do we get a chance to support the Body Corporate’s decision?
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Paying Electricity Bill

How Should I Pay My Electricity Bill? Best… and not so best ways to pay

Ben Chester, Locality Planning Energy
When comparing electricity offers, the choice of how bills are paid consistently ranks at the top of people’s priorities. At the end of the day, it should be up to the consumer how they want to pay, yet some offers are only available if you agree to pay by Direct Debit or accept reduced payment terms.
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VIC Cladding A/C

NSW: Air Conditioning Issues Heating Up Your Scheme?

Bannermans Lawyers
Air conditioning issues concerning installation and maintenance are a common source of disputes in strata schemes. There are a number of reasons for this, but the major problem is the answer to questions like “what approvals do I need to install equipment” and “who is responsible for maintenance of the equipment” depend on circumstance, preventing schemes from adopting a “one size fits all” solution.

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VIC Cladding Alert

Victoria Leads On National Approach To Cladding Insurance

Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne
Victoria is pushing for an Australia-wide approach to deal with an impasse in professional indemnity insurance (PII) facing the building industry, as the combustible cladding issue affects professional premiums.
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Last Edition's Star Article

NSW Windows

NSW: Q&A Are windows strata responsibility – cleaning and repairs

Andrew Terrell, Bright & Duggan
Question: One of the lot owners of our apartment complex raised the question of who should pay for the cleaning of the exterior glass panel windows?

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Recent Comments

QLD Cladding Laws

Combustible cladding laws in Queensland announced

Answered by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal
Question: I have visited the QBCC site and have found no information relevant to me.

I am secretary/treasure of our Body Corporate, Small Schemes Module. Number CTS34246. Our buildings consist of 2 separate duplexes. they are ground level only and made of brick. (No external cladding)..

Do I have to submit some form to whoever so that I can obtain confirmation that the new cladding law does not appy to this complex and thus not be liable for any penalties for inaction?

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NSW Companion Animal

NSW: Q&A ‘No Animals Allowed’ – not even a companion animal

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
If the dogs were there before the bylaws were either changed or strengthen, would not the matter of dogs residing be governed by previous/original bylaw?

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Independent Inspections

Independent Inspections

Aust Wide: Sinking Fund Forecast, Insurance Valuations, OHS, Australia Wide

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Fire Safety Constructions

Fire Safety Constructions

NSW: Compliant Specialist since 1999
Fire Safety Constructions perform all BCA compliance and fire safety upgrade works including fire doors, fire stopping, balustrade upgrades, compartmentation, intumescent painting, fire detection systems, hydrants/FHR’s, sprinkler systems, associated general building works.

News of the Week

VIC Green Tenants

VIC: Should renters be able to have environmentally-friendly fittings installed and changes made?

Jemimah Clegg, Domain
Tara O’Toole wants a compost bin. So she should just go get one – simple, right? It would be, if she weren’t renting in a mid-rise apartment building without her own garden.
NSW Cladding - Who Pays

NSW: Sydney unit owners face uncertainty over who will foot $7m bill to remove illegal cladding

Tawar Razaghi, Domain
Colin Knowles thought he was buying his dream home in Pyrmont in 2000. Little did he know his apartment building was covered in a flammable and dangerous cladding now considered illegal. Eighteen years on and Mr Knowles and his neighbours face a $7 million bill to have it replaced because of mounting pressure first by insurers and now legislated by the state government to remove it.

News from NSW Fair Trading

NSW: Have Your Say on Short Term Letting

A message from Karen Stiles, OCN:

State Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has launched a petition to have short term letting debated in NSW parliament.  He needs 10,000 signatures.  They must be original signatures so people need to print, sign, and mail/drop off to his office. 
We urge NSW LookUpStrata readers to sign, put up in their lobbies, and share with their committees and other lot owners.

Independent MP Alex GreenwichThere has been a strong supportive response to my petition calling for owners corporations the authority to control short term letting in their building, including to place limits beyond state controls or to ban the practice outright. If you support this approach, please sign and collect signatures. Print petition HERE.

QLD: Have Your Say on BUGTA

A message from Department of Justice and Attorney-General:

Before making any decisions about possible changes to the BUGT Act, the Queensland Government would like to hear your views about QUT’s recommendations.

You are invited to provide feedback on QUT’s recommendations to harmonise some provisions of the BUGT Act and the BCCM Act to provide bodies corporate operating under the BUGT Act with a more contemporary body corporate legislative framework.

Consultation closes on 24 August 2018.

Find out more HERE.

WA: Have Your Say on Short Term Accommodation in Strata

Have you experienced short term accommodation in strata?
SCA (WA) wants to hear from you!

SCA (WA) is currently seeking feedback from strata managers and SCA owner members on on their experience with short stay accommodation in strata schemes. To complete the survey, please click on the appropriate box.

NSW: Apply for the Smart Green Apartments Program

A message from City of Sydney:

Smart Green Apartments is an award-winning free program provided by the City of Sydney to help make buildings more energy and water efficient. To date we've helped more than 50 buildings in the local area save thousands of dollars each year on running and maintenance costs.

Applications close on 14 September 2018.

Find out more HERE.

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