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Latest Articles

NSW: Q&A Are There Regulated Fees for Strata Roll Access?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: In NSW are fees regulated for providing strata roll access? Is there a standard fee that can be charged for lot owners to view the strata roll?

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Strata Vault
QLD Spending Limit

QLD: Q&A Is Our Spending Limit on Maintenance Too Low?

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal 
Question: Our spending limit for each of our three buildings in the scheme is only $500. As each building has quite a few lots, this seems too low.

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NSW Bullying

NSW: Q&A I’m Abused in Emails from Another Committee Member

Rod Smith, The Strata Collective
Question: What are my rights as a committee member who is abused in emails constantly with offending words and disrespectful terms about quotes and repairs for the block from another committee member?

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ACT Floorboards

ACT: Q&A Can you install floorboards in strata units in older buildings in Canberra?

Christopher Kerin, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Question: Can lot owners install floorboards in strata units in older buildings in Canberra? Where should we look for information before approaching the body corporate?

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NSW Alterations Common Property

NSW: Q&A Vetos and Alterations to Common Property

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: This site recently replied to an SA question about Common Property Alterations. Is the response also applicable for alterations to common property in NSW? Can a single lot owner's vote overruling a majority decision?

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Supplied Newsletter
Strata Insurance

The top 6 things to remember when applying for Strata Insurance

Seema Ratna, Whitbread Insurance Brokers
With the Strata construction industry constantly evolving, insurers are requiring a lot more information when placing new business or renewing Strata Insurance policies.
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NSW Strata Renewals

NSW: Predicting the Unpredictable: Strata Renewal in the Courts

Bannermans Lawyers
Developers proposing projects involving strata renewal plans face a crystal ball gazing exercise. They need to predict the requirements and attitudes of the Court considering an application for orders implementing a strata renewal plan.

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Last Edition's Star Article

NCAT Appearance of lot

NSW: “Appearance of the lot” – In keeping with the rest of the building

Michael Pobi, Pobi Lawyers
In the recent NCAT decision the Tribunal was required to determine the meaning of the words “in keeping with the rest of the building” in by-law 17 (Appearance of the lot) and whether the rear garden area of the lot was included in the definition of “building” within the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (“SSMA”).

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Tower Body Corporate

Tower Body Corporate



Recent Comments

QLD ByLaw Enforcement

QLD: The golden rules of by-law enforcement

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal
Question: What if the Body Corp are not complying with their own bylaws. An example would be where the bylaws prohibit signs on the front of the building but the Body Corp has two signs on the front of the building.

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NSW Duplex

NSW: Q&A Is a Termite Barrier Compulsory for a Two Lot Strata Scheme?

Rod Smith, The Strata Collective
Question: I have been commissioned to install a stair climber onto the front access steps of a duplex. The client insists he does not have Strata obligations. Can you advise if this is so. His property shares a common wall with the second property but, being a corner block, they enter and exit their properties on separate streets.

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Innovative Lift Consulting

Innovative Lift Consulting

Aust Wide: Australia’s Most Trusted Vertical Transportation Consultants
Our Staff are all highly Qualified and extremely experienced in all aspects of Lift Engineering, with our top 3 Key Staffers boasting a combined Industry Experience of in excess of 130 Years.
SA Butler Painters

SA Butler Painters

NSW: Residential, Strata, Commercial, Industrial, Heritage, High Access
Est in 1945 and a Family Painting business, S A Butler Painters are licensed, fully insured and Qualified. Our staff and equipment are always available to ensure quality service from start to finish.

News of the Week

National Property Clock July 2018 - Units

Herron Todd White
The Month in Review identifies the latest movements and trends for property markets across Australia. A real eye-opener for anyone buying or selling property.

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NSW: Have Your Say on Short Term Letting

A message from Karen Stiles, OCN:

State Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has launched a petition to have short term letting debated in NSW parliament.  He needs 10,000 signatures.  They must be original signatures so people need to print, sign, and mail/drop off to his office. 
We urge NSW LookUpStrata readers to sign, put up in their lobbies, and share with their committees and other lot owners.

Independent MP Alex GreenwichThere has been a strong supportive response to my petition calling for owners corporations the authority to control short term letting in their building, including to place limits beyond state controls or to ban the practice outright. If you support this approach, please sign and collect signatures. Print petition HERE.

QLD: Have Your Say on BUGTA

A message from Department of Justice and Attorney-General:

Before making any decisions about possible changes to the BUGT Act, the Queensland Government would like to hear your views about QUT’s recommendations.

You are invited to provide feedback on QUT’s recommendations to harmonise some provisions of the BUGT Act and the BCCM Act to provide bodies corporate operating under the BUGT Act with a more contemporary body corporate legislative framework.

Consultation closes on 24 August 2018.

Find out more HERE.

WA: Have Your Say on Strata Fees

WA Apartment Advocacy is conducting a Survey on Strata Fees. 

This survey is for lot owners: both owner occupiers and investors.

The survey can be completed HERE. Results will be published via the WAAA site next month.

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