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Latest Articles

NSW: Template Renovation ByLaws

NSW: Q&A Are there template renovation bylaws available?

Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: We have regular applications from owners proposing to renovate their apartments and we are looking to update quite cumbersome processes with respect to the approval by the Owners Corp of proposed renovations by owners. We were wondering if there are template renovation bylaws available?
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Hynes Legal
QLD: Q&A Large Dog

QLD: Q&A Do Apartments Allow Large Dogs? If Not, Where Do I Stand Legally?

Todd Garsden, Hynes Legal  
Question: Do apartments allow large dogs? If the Body Corporate refuses, where do I stand legally? I have heard of many onsite managers having special approval for a dog, so surely there is something that can be done.

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VIC: SM Fees

VIC: Q&A Strata Management Fees - What is Fair?

Stuart Mellington, Select OwnersCorp Management
Question: I just found out from my body corporate manager that every time an email is CCd or 'carbon copied' to them, we get charged 69 cents. Are these standard strata management fees?
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WA Car parking damage

WA: Q&A Car Damaged in Strata Car Park - Who is Liable?

Whitbread Insurance Brokers
Question: I am a tenant in a strata property. A roof leak in our strata car park has caused damage to my car. Who is responsible for the cost of the repair? Neither the strata council, real estate or lot owner wish to accept responsibility.

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SA Neighbours

SA: Q&A Can I do anything about nuisance neighbours who are renting?

Tony Johnson, Horner Management
Question: I have nuisance neighbours who are renting. The apartment is overcrowded with three adults and a baby and their cooking smells waft into my space. What can I do?

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ACT Ban Smoking

ACT: Q&A Bylaws to ban smoking in apartments

Jan Browne, Whittles Strata Partners
Question: I want to find some information about laws related to smoking in a strata complex. Are there any laws that support the idea to ban smoking in apartments in the ACT? What can our building do to introduce this?

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Balcony will leak

If It Has a Balcony, It Will Leak

Paul Evans, President - Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)
Why is my balcony leaking? We look at reasons why your balcony may be leaking, the effects of water ingress, plus some successful remedial waterproofing systems to solve your problems and stop the leaks.
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QLD Bylaw enforcement

QLD: The golden rules of by-law enforcement

Hynes Legal
By-law enforcement is not an optional activity. By-laws must be enforced, and the responsibility for their enforcement lies with the committee. There are a few golden rules that all committees must follow when it comes to by-law enforcement.

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NSW: Installing A/C

NSW Strata Reforms & Installing Air conditioning Systems

Allison Benson, Kerin Benson Lawyers
Post NSW Strata reforms, although the installation of a reverse cycle split system air conditioner is included in the definition of minor renovation works, strata committees and Owners Corporations should be careful when considering applications for installing an air conditioning system.
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Concrete cancer

The Age of Concrete Cancer

BRS Building Rectification Services
Can concrete cancer be fixed? It’s not always obvious what underlying problems are in a concrete structure, however cracking, honeycombing and spalling are relatively easy to locate. The real concern is the root of the problem and without proper technical support can be easily overlooked.

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Last Edition's Star Article

Renovations including installing a waterproof membrane

NSW: Q&A Renovations including installing a waterproof membrane

 Leanne Habib, Premium Strata
Question: We are looking to renovate our bathroom, toilet and laundry in the single story townhouse we purchased last year. The renovation includes installing a waterproof membrane. What approvals do we need from the owners corporation?

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