Dimitri Savil

Dimitri Livas is a Construction Specialist and Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Savil Group, a commercial construction company where he specialises in Fixing Broken Buildings. Dimitri is an expert in Construction Repair, Restoration, Conservation and Remediation and provides credible content, fresh insights and first-hand commentary and live presentations on Specialist Construction Issues. From contracting on construction sites as a young teen to purchasing, renovating and turning around a run down restaurant during University. Dimitri earned a Bachelor of Commerce as well as an Advanced Diploma in Construction Management and became the Founder and CEO of Savil Group, a successful commercial construction company, which he established for over 20 years, providing specialist construction and winning multi-million dollar projects for some of Australia's biggest brands. ​With Dimitri at the Helm, Savil and the team now focuses their extensive expertise and experience on Fixing Broken Buildings and Creating Healthy Buildings. Dimitri provides a credible combination of savvy construction content, fresh insight and first hand real world construction and business experience.